Grayjay App - centralised video app for Android

This app might be of use to those of us who’ve been struggling with YouTube’s adverts recently. I’ve just become aware of it after YouTube issued a cease and desist to its author - who is also the Right To Repair activist.

It allows you to sync accounts across different platforms so you can view videos from each one in a single app. It also, conveniently, bypasses YouTube’s adverts :wink:

Only available for Android for now.


Could it be one of those Android apps that you can run in Win11? I can’t remember the app you use, but I managed to use an Android app that way.

Just rried, but it doesn’t seem to want to download to Windows 11. OTOH the only UTube ads I’ve encountered are the new requirements on France 24, which only last a few seconds. Have discovered that after initially logging on the Fr24, I can turn my adblocker back on without affecting anything.

As posted on another thread Brave Bowser has no ads. Secure, Fast, & Private Web Browser with Adblocker | Brave


In the case of YouTube, I am happy to pay for YouTube Premium as that means the people who create the content that I watch still get some dosh, even though I am not seeing the ads. I feel differently about ads on Amazon Prime Video, however.

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Adverts on Amazon Prime don’t bother me cause I can’t honestly remember the last time I watched something on it :grin:

Yes that too. I sat through the whole first season of Rings of Power hoping it would improve.

It didn’t.

The only other thing I watched on Amazon Prime was Reacher - but gave up on that half way through.

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I’ve watched a few films and series on AP but often not enjoyed them. They often have a hard, slightly one-dimensional feel, usually using more graphic violence than is needed. It’s nice that sometimes they fund slightly less commercial movies, but it feels too much like just cranking the handle than making art or storytelling.

Agreed. That’s why we enjoy Apple TV: Slow Horses, Lessons in Chemistry, The Morning Show, watching Criminal Record at the moment - great.

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I’ve not seen the tv version but I’m enjoying the books.

If you liked Callan (if you remember him), you can get 5 novels on Kindle for 1.99.

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