Grazing Land

Can anyone advise if there is a going rate for pasture, please ? - we have been approached about letting our paddock for grazing of horses, and don’t really know what to charge. Also I suppose we need to draw up some sort of contract ( We will be renting to English)

Many thanks

Well I can only tell you how much I pay here in dept. 57. There is a small parcel behind my house which I use as a paddock in winter when they are stabled and I don’t pay anything for it and in summer when they are out at pasture I rent a large field in the next village which costs me 80 eur a year. I am responsible for everything, i.e. water, fencing, insurance and surveillance. If you are thinking about offering these services as well then you can probably ask a lot more, you should ask other people in the area who rent how much they charge.
Land here is very expensive which is why I don’t have my own and nobody wants to sell for pasture, they hold on to it in the hope that it will become building land which sells for over 20 000 eur per are here.

I suspect your local notaire may be the guy to ask Sue and a contract is probably a good idea, just in case!