Great British Sewing Bee, Anyone catch it?

Did anyone catch the new BBC 2 offering The Great British Sewing Bee? It was on Tuesday at 8pm (Uk)

It's the bake off but for sewing. I was pleased to see a good emphasis on fitting of clothes. The time restraints are quite hard I think for someone who hasn't sewn professionally. Very enjoyable in my opinion.

I missed it, but looks like there is a repeat on Saturday. Off to set it up now before I forget !!

I was really looking forward to this programme, it makes such a change to have a sewing subject. I did enjoy it although not as much as I my expectations. I guess it's a case of getting used to the format. I'm sure it was like that when the Great British Bake Off started.

I was a bit surprised when the introduction talked about finding the best amateur sewers in the land but you could not say that of some of those in the show. That said, I like the mix and that men were competing too. Oh to have a sewing room like that! I know I would have spent far too long choosing my fabric and trims.

I agree with Helen's comments, some points could be explained better/slower. Did they refer to more details available on a website? Can't remember. I preferred it to the last Kirstie Allsopp programmes as it was more about sewing rather than celebrities Loved the print Stuart used for his dress although, as pointed out, it would have been better if the pattern had matched. Mark was a dark horse, I think he gain confidence as he went on. I loved Ann's blouse make-over. Must try that myself.

P.S. Tilly's blog can be found here. :)

I loved it!

My only criticism was the "how to " info was far too short - they gave lightening quick explanations for things like "on the bias" and the laundry bag was covered far too quickly for a novice to pick up - they advised going online for the info, but if you see things "live" they can be demystified more quickly.

Delightful group of people and it was wonderful to see sewing brought back into the limelight once again.

One of the contestants has a website too - I will try and dig out the link

I watched it on IPlayer and liked it quite a lot - I thought Marc would be a surprise player in this game. Loved the professional attitude of Ann. What was the expression the tailor used in response to "Its okay from far off" - "No, it's far from OK" - ooooh. I do hope that more imagination will be revealed as we go on though in some ways. Love the young woman who tries pattern design all the time though.