Great British Sewing Bee Series 2

Yes, the great british sewing bee is back on for series 2 .

I am still waiting to see f anyone puts it into you tube so I can send the link, in the meantime if anyone is using Chrome or Firefox as a browser, you could watch on the BBC iplayer catch up service. You need to install the Hola extension to either chrome or firefox and this unlock the IP and will let you into the catch up service for BBC programs.

Or of course you could watch when it's on using Filmon.

Anyone else watching it? What did you think?

I enjoyed the programme but would have love to have seen more of the garments finish. I didn't think the creativity was a good as last year but maybe it will get better through the series. I like the fact that more men are in the group. I was fascinated by the girl who did free cutting - what a skill! I'd be scared to death to do that, I know I would end up ruining good fabric.

It's interesting that some of you thing that chap walked. It did cross my mind too, and a lady went early in a similar way in the last series too. It makes me wonder about the selection process, surely the contestants must know what they may be required to do? Or does working in that environment make you ill? ;)

I too wish that they'd show more of the technical stuff. They show very basic info. on how the garment will be made but it would be nice if they also including a more advanced version too, say with the bound pocket or the button loop.

I think I must be only one who likes the presenters, for me they are similar to Paul Hollywood & Mary Berry but not so well known. Claudia Winkleman always makes me chuckle, she's so mad, but then I like her on Strictly too.

I've just watched the programme on iPlayyer and agree with you both that the one chap definitely walked.

I'm glad the other two stayed though. It's good to see some men having a go. Years ago I had a friend whose husband made all of her clothes, and an uncle who did too for his wife and daughter. I had a cotton sundress and jacket passed down to me and they were beautifully made.

You're right about the time restriction too Sandra. It's too short. I thought they might have learned that from last time. Also, if there isn't enough time allowed to do things properly and neatly it's off-putting for any beginners who might be watching who might get the impression that the finishing of details is too difficult.

I too wish that they'd show more of the technical stuff. As you say Claire - technique is vital. I think the programme would be better as a 'how to' with the competition being of secondary interest. For instance, in particular for things they ask for in the challenges, For example why didn't they show the correct way to make a button loop? Some of the contestants had never heard done one and didn't know how.

I found that Claudia Winkelman was less irritating and manic than last time. I hope she keeps it up. She's cut her fringe too which is a great improvement.

I knew I'd get drawn in!

I agree about the time limits they are very short for some things. What I do like about the series is they keep on about technique, which is absolutely key. Hence the choice of winner for the last series.

I am an experienced sewer but do wish they would show more of the actual sewing , piecing, garment construction, but I expect that makes less "good television".

I'm glad you thought that he jumped ship last night ,I thought so to. I know they announced he was ill but it didn't seem that way to me , he just seemed overwhelmed by the time issue and what he could achieve so then decided to leave. It's a shame as I'm sure someone else would have liked that chance.

Don't even get me started on Britain's Best Bakery................ My father is a master baker and confectioner we all have to watch from between our fingers, they don't even do the majority of baking in a bakery choosing instead a domestic kitchen set up. Mini rant over!

I saw last night's episode and will probably continue watching but I wasn't impressed by it. Many of the garments weren't finished in time which makes it pointless really. More time should be allowed. The whole idea is that you are presenting something which looks good, fits and is well sewn - hard to judge if the garment isn't finished. The candidates were a really strange bunch with some declaring that they weren't going to follow guidelines given and not following them. They were then "ticked off" for not doing so and seemed surprised. One chap left of his own accord partway through so they didn't actually get rid of anyone this week. I agree with Kathleen's comments. I think the judges and presenter are a strange choice. It does not compare favourably with TGBBO but if you have an interest in dressmaking then it's a rare chance to see something on TV which is sewing related.

I'm not sure I even want to watch this series.

The presenters have no charisma or personality, and the woman in particular advocated some weird things last time.

They also made some questionable decisions in the first series, I thought, especially deslecting the most imaginative contestant.

I suppose I will be drawn in though.

I don't think that either of the 'jumping on the bandwaggon' of The Great British Bake Off programmes, i.e. The Sewing Bee or Britain's Best Bakery is successful. Same problem with the presenters of Britain's Best Bakery but I found it boring too and stopped watching it.

Forgot to mention Claudia Winkleman. Arrrrggghhh - awful. So irritating.