Great (French) Customerservice

We moan a lot about poor service. How about great customer service? I recently had my car serviced at Garage Raymond in Marmande. What a good experience that was. Prompt, courteous and professional. They also did a quick repair and honoured my (U.K.) service plan. Courtesy car included, no hoops and hurdles. Fist class service. Thank you.


Well done, for highlighting this… all too often the odd “bad experience” is blown sky high and the normal, good service goes unnoticed and unreported… :thinking:


We too get great service from our local French garage in Genouillac, Charente, France 16270.

Really helpful in every respect - even sourced a replacement car for us from Spain, checked it out, registered it in France and 1 year on about to do a service.

Highly recommend them :+1:


Another with no complaints, after sales too, never had a problem :crossed_fingers: :slightly_smiling_face:

Typically small personal businesses in France give good service.
It is the chains, except Darty which I believe is UK owned, that do not give a damn.

Not sure if you include Leclerc in “chains” Jane… but yesterday morning a young man (who was stacking shelves) phoned the stores, checked the shelves and generally dashed about the shop, trying to find a particular product I was seeking.

OH and I were astounded by his zeal and helpfulness. Leclerc folk are always helpful and friendly… but this chap was exceptional in his desire to give the customer what the customer wanted.


Been happy with L’ C’ after sales and BUT too, in fact, I can’t remember being dissatisfied with service here, only time I was refused a replacement was in all honesty, my fault :slightly_smiling_face:

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A couple of weeks ago our French TV signal disappeared. Popped in to our local Expert shop and the lady suggested bringing in our decoder to see if it worked on their parabole. It did so a visit from the technician was booked. The morning of the due date arrived and lo and behold the signal was back. Something I discussed with the technician with some embarrassment. Nonetheless he insisted on checking the signal. Everything fine. He went up on the roof to check the parabole again all fine. We came to the conclusion that the heavy rain of the previous weeks had infiltrated the LNB and blocked the signal.The more recent hot sunny weather had dried it out and the signal restored. When I asked him how much I owed for the visit his response was “Oh I can’t charge you for that”. Customer service or what?


Our Garage is very good too Graham, do all work on our Rav 4 and garden machines, bought my wee Saxo ‘Super U chariot’ from them, never a prob’ for a ‘courtesy car’, if needed, always have to chase them for the ‘bill’. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think the customer service you receive, often, has a lot to do with ‘your’ attitude, when presenting a problem :slightly_smiling_face:


I think you are so right Bill.
I remember being told a story about a rather large female Brit who stood at the meat counter in our local supermarket with her hands on her hips. When her time came to be served, she did not comply with the usual convention of ‘bonjour’ but launched immediately into ‘pork’ (expressed with the English emphasis on the ‘k’.
No pleasantries, nothing. So the server rolled his eyes and moved on to the next customer at which point the large fat lady (can I say fat) exploded (not a pretty sight apparently) shouting ‘don’t you walk away from me!’
No doubt she would respond to this thread saying she didn’t get good service :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


:joy::rofl::grinning: bring to mind a scene from one of the Harry Potter films…when he makes the “awful” woman bloat,float and almost explode… :laughing::laughing::sweat_smile:

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:rofl: would explain a lot Graham :wink:

Blimey Genouillac eh Graham, that brings back some memories. You anywhere near Rancogne ?

Leclerc too far from us to use Stella.

The very one Peter…
we have friends who live there.

There must be quite a few brits there now, I knew of two families who bought in the early 90s. George & Pam from Litchfield down the bottom on the left who I believe sold up years ago and Roger & Cathy opposite but 100M before in a tiny house. They also sold up when they divorced and i’m guessing your friends live there ? I re visited the house a couple of years back when I was trying to track down Roger and met them.

Talk about going off topic !

Hi Peter

Well, you’re in luck…

We know George quite well. Incredibly talented builder but he went back to the UK a couple of years ago now and we haven’t seen him since. I have a photo somewhere of him. Last I heard, he was having trouble with arthritis in his hands which I think prompted his return. We know the people who bought his house in Rancogne very well.

As for Roger, he sold up quite a few years ago to an English couple who turned the small house in the front garden into a gite which they still run. If it is the same Roger, he married Maggie and they have a daughter who has just been accepted into an international law college in Paris. They bought an old barn in Genouillac which George helped them renovate.
Small world eh?

It is indeed Graham, I recall George very well tho’ I always thought Pam bought the property in her name ? Didn’ t they split up or divorce ? George was a card and as you say, a very good builder/renovator.
I though Roger (and Maggie) were living closer to Chasseneuil, I had an address but never re found him. He and Cathey originally bought a property with another couple (best friends) over near Ruffec but sold up when they had a major disagreement. It’s strange that all the houses I sold to groups or two families were re sold due to disagreements between the parties (usually the wives !)
I’ll try again to find Roger in a few days when i’m back in the area.

I had no idea about them previously being in Ruffec but if you pm me will tell you their address should you wish to make contact again.