Great products and a potential business opportunity for SFN members!

Last week I was sent a surprise parcel. I’m a big baby at heart and I love parcels. I especially love surprise parcels and I really, really like parcels containing skincare products and (like most women) I really, really, really like the look of products with names that include words like ‘Radiant’ and ‘Transformative’....

So I set to work testing the range (it’s a tough job but someone has to do it) and whilst I wouldn’t like to say I’ve been transformed, I can report back that a friend’s husband commented on my radiant skin. I can also report that my hyper-sensitive skin was more than happy with the products I tested. This was especially interesting in the case of the two in one shampoo - my skin reacts badly to the vast majority of hair products and if I’m not extremely careful, I can emerge from my morning shower with blotchy red skin and bloodshot eyes. This is a real pain (looking like you’ve been on a bender for the last fortnight is never a good look for a Monday morning), so I was really pleased to find a range that I can use without worrying about reactions.

I absolutely love the nut and seed body butter. It absorbs instantly with no sticky residue and has the most divine smell ever. I’m addicted. So I thought I’d better ask Claire where I can get a regular supply and once I’d chatted to her, I realised that this might prove to be an interesting opportunity for SFN members.

As Claire explains, “Getting involved with the product distribution side is a great way to develop professional networking skills whilst making money along the way. Obviously, the products are wonderful in themselves. Whether you go for the genetic science-based anti-aging creams and lotions, or the ancient tribal recipes in the more natural range; try the supplements and nutritional products, or test out the machines and gadgets, you will be surprised and delighted at the quality. Almost everybody can find a range to identify with, and the prices offer remarkably good value for money. You can simply buy for yourself or you decide that you wish to become a product seller / distributor.

If you wish to learn more about the products, then please contact us here and we will help you to pick out the options most suited to you.

If you want to build a regular income, small or large, but with no financial risk at all, you may decide to become a network distributor. You will build your own network of sellers, distributors and ambassadors, using existing and new contacts, in the language, context and places of your choice. There is no need to be in a particular area, all you need is enthusiasm for stretching yourself and being comfortable making and developing new contacts, as well as helping them to become as competent and productive as you. You will receive as much support as you need from your sponsor (in this case, myself), in terms of getting to know the products, the company, the organisation and the methods. It’s as simple as developing your conversation and communication skills and while we can’t promise you an overnight fortune, you can realistically expect to reach an income of 500-1000 Euros per month extra within less than a year. And obviously, some people make much more than this. It’s an excellent way to supplement your current income and possibly give up the day job, one day not too far in the future.

There’s no financial outlay, no stock to be bought and held, no obligation nor pressure to hold house parties, etc. YOU decide what you do, at what speed, and in what place. We will be there to support and encourage you every step of the way!”

These are great products and I would use them again so if you’d like to find out more, then contact Claire here and she will tell you more!

Thank you all for your comments and interest. Do not hesitate to get in touch, even if the links do not work. Just friend me on here, and I will reach out...

Catharine, you are a great support, and I appreciate your intervention in this discussion, and especially your kind comments with regard to me - uncalled-for, generous, and kind!

Hi, this all sounds very interesting, as I too have very sensitive skin and would very much appreciate more information xx

No worries, Catherine. We all understand that kind of day! Hope what’s left of it is better.

Thans for the info Catharine...I will definitely be contacting Claire, if only to try her products! :) xx

Thanks Katherine - apologies if I sounded 'snippy' but I was up at some unearthly hour writing this before going to work (because I said I would do it as Claire is v. nice and was kind enough to send a fair few products but there is no referral / sign up fee etc. etc. so I'm not 'marketing' anything...), come back exhausted from work after driving through torrential rain, have 8 zillion things to do etc. etc.and probably needed to have a large cup of tea before responding!

@ Roger - sorry! There are a couple of Secret Santas out there still waiting for their pressies...I can't explain what happened - perhaps Santa had a few too many...but please do try again next year.

Hi Catherine…no conspiracy theories here, believe me. I am entirely chilled, also. Was just sure you would want to know that a phishing warning came up, so you could either correct the link or let Claire know. Anyway, thanks and will try again.

Hi Liz - I can't tell you about the set up but I can reassure you that my hyper sensitive skin is very happy after nearly a fortnight of twice daily product use. Claire can tell you what I'm using and what is in it!

Can5 send an email directly, and having worked in the UK in a couple of similar copmanies over the years with varying degrees of success, I have never seen one where you get given the products up front, and the aim of these companies is that you make a small markup on any personally used products and a royalty bonus based on overall sales, including sales generated by those people ÿou sign up to whatever business it is. There are good MLM companies out there, and those not so good, and you can market everything from cookware, cards, make up and beauty care as well as pretty much everything you use around the house to clean …the better companies in France can offer health insurance if you move enough product which maybe a benefit. I think this business model is a pretty good one but like anything else in life it will only work for you if you work at it. Good luck Claire, if you do have products for hypersensative skin I would be interested in seeing what the product is

Not suggesting SFN is getting taken over, and in addition to email should have said "site/s" as well, and by "shared sites" I'm trying to find a collective term to mean any site where many of us come together to share information and support, which includes social media and also sites such as SFN. My point was simply to state my preference that we keep the site focused on its central purpose and avoid the slippery slope of a stronger marketing focus.

I am so glad so many important questions are being raised here, though i can certainly answer any of them in detail if you get in touch directly. For those concerned about “being parted from their money” I can assure you there is no cost associated with entering the network, nor with investing in stock, etc.
For those questioning the validity of mentioning or promoting such services on this site, please understand that our aim was to showcase an opportunity that may interest some, as it may turn off others. Is this not the nature of any product or service?
For those worried about needing to work hard to make money, you are right, but this is an opportunity that may well suit those who find it difficult to work here in france due to language or other reasons.
I hope that some of you will get in touch and that we get the chance to explore openly if some fit exists.

Chill ladies!! Claire asked me in all good faith to give you a heads up about this. And FYI Suzanne - SFN is not being taken over by anyone. And I'm not sure what you mean by shared site either?

I didn't mention the name as this is apparently company policy so if you want to know more, please do as it says below and ASK CLAIRE. And as for the "phishing" - I just cocked up the link to Claire's GMAIL address! So no great conspiracy.

Personally, I'd prefer it if this site wasn't used for these sorts of emails - seems like so many shared sites get taken over by marketers. It would be a relief to have one where I know that I can open an email with an interesting heading without yet again having to intuit whether someone is trying to part me with my cash.

Multi level Marketing?? What are the cosmetics please, you don’t mention a name and the link flashes aPfishing warning up to me when I try and look… I know that marketing like this can work but it is very hard work and to make money you do have to sell or recruit people who sell for you.

Yes - I like getting parcels as well. I'm still waiting expectantly for one from "secret santa"!! ;-)

What is the name of the range Catherine? Clicking on your first link takes us to her profile page and thence to a web site that has nothing to do with cosmetics.

Thank you for sharing it with us.

I have the same comment as Katherine, thanks, have a nice day !

Hi Catherine,

I am interested in first trying the products and finding out more about the company but the site you’ve linked to flairs up a great be red “possible phishing site” when I try it. Maybe it’s my Ipad being overcautious but would like to find a safe way to connect, if possible. Thanks.