Great Value Mutuelle (Top-Up) Health Insurance

I almost have a ‘fidelity’ card for the French health system (sadly!!) and have always supplemented my State cover with a mutuelle. I shop around on a regular basis and last year I changed to KOVERS. I’ve been really happy with both their prices and service (imagine that!!). If you’re looking to take out or renew a policy - take a look at them :slight_smile:


I thought they did cough medicine :thinking:
Ah, no. That’s Covonia :rofl:

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Wow, Simon… you shop around more than I do… glad you are well sorted.

I admit I was in a bit of a rut…so I asked @fabien to checkout alternatives for us. I’m in the throes of changing to ACPS which is working out best for us… and saving us lots of money… yippee :relaxed:

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Simon could I ask what are you paying and is it just for you?

We will be looking for medical cover at some point.


Frankly, what folk pay may not bear any resemblance to your costs … as their requirements and preferences may not be the same as your own.

What you need to look for in a Mutuelle Quote is like-for-like (as in building/plumbing quotes etc)

Based on your own medical needs and preferences… you choose a level of cover in the very many sections on offer.

Simon has found an excellent company - with a policy tailored just for him…

I’ve a different situation/needs and have chosen another company…with a policy tailored just for me.

If you want independent advice Fabien Pellisseer @fabien is excellent.

Hi Paul - no prob it’s 968,04€ / year (Formule 2 / Confort 150) for the two of us - (80,67€ per month) (see schedule below)

Résumé de garanties - Vos Garanties (2).pdf (447.6 KB)

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