Great Videos for Teaching English

Hi Everyone, some of you might know that I’m a big fan of stealing I mean borrowing free videos from the internet to help in teaching, in my case for English but I’m sure they could be used to stimulate interesting discussion in most subjects.
I even went to the extent of producing my own little videos which I’m in the process of recycling on my Facebook English pages here and here.

You can see very good examples of how I've exploited them creatively and linguistically in my free on-line English lessons which you can get if you go here.

Anyway, the real reason I'm writing is to ask if you have any real favourite videos like ads on You Tube, for example, which you use in your lessons and which are always a hit.

I need lots of great ones for further on-line English lessons and I'm sure others would be interested too.

The ones you'll see in the free lessons are the amazing Evian dancing babies, a hilarious Bud farting horse one and a funny Dilbert cartoon - all good stuff, but I want more! Hope to read you soon :~Sab

Now here's one I've often used with teacher trainees but rarely with actual English students - what do you think - could we use this with our students... or not?! It's the Italian man who went to Malta vid, and it's amazing if you haven't seen it. In fact... how can you not have seen it?!