Guess who.... 🤔

Yesterday (02/04)…

“When I win you are all getting tax cuts and you are all getting a brand new Trump economic boom. And that’s where we were headed until we got sidelined by a wonderful election. Remember 10 o’clock? Everyone was calling me to say ‘congratulations, sir’. I said ‘yeah but … these people are cheaters. I don’t like to accept anything yet’. And then at 3.02 in the morning, a lot of dumps happened, a lot of bad things happened. And because of that there is more spirit now than ever . Because of that we will be able to do things to make our country great again than we probably never could have done had there been a more traditional turnover. And it’s gonna be great.

“That’s why Joe Biden and his thugs are so desperate to stop us. They know we are the only ones who can stop them. That’s why they are enforcing high-level election interference against Biden’s top election opponent. Who does that happen to be? Me. Here I am. I got indicted more than Alfonse Capone, Al Capone. Scarface. Do you know how bad he was? I know some of the guys in the front row. They are tough guys. If you ever looked at Alfonse Capone, you wouldn’t be tough at all. You’d be dead by the morning, most likely. I got indicted more than Alfonse. Alfonse was a tough guy. They made a movie about him called Scarface. Check it out. Even if it was half true, you don’t want to deal with him.”

God help us all… and I’m an athiest :roll_eyes:

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We’ve seen a mini version of what Trump will do to America if elected (come to that even if not as I doubt he will accept the result quietly) given the damage an increasingly extremist, self interested, government has done to the UK over the last 14 years.

I suppose at least the USA doen’t have a publicly funded National Health Service to break up and sell off but it won’t be pretty. Effectively it will make Putin leader of the US.

Yes, this time Trump already knows where the levers are and there doesn’t seem to be any moderating grownups in his entourage at all. He’ll hit the road running :roll_eyes:

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But there’s no guarantee that he’s sufficiently intelligent to pull them in the ‘right’ order.

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But Putin is, and he’s pulling Trump’s strings.


Having Orban as a guest says it all.