Guide figure for RSA

I was asked today about the guide figure for RSA (the French in-work benefit) which at present is €564.78 a month. I know that this is declared per household, so if you are a couple you only need €564.78 in total per month, not €564.78 each.
The question I was asked but did not know the answer to is does this include a parent who the couple look after or would that be separate, are they included in the household total income or not.

It is calculated according to the number of people in the household, so for a single person it 564€, and for a couple it is 847€.

I think perhaps you are thinking of the guideline figures suggested as the necessary threshold for residency? Again France have been generous and are setting the same threshold for a couple as a single person.

“Households” declare a single tax return. Usually if an elderly parent is living in the same house they submit their own tax return, and are therefore considered separately, effectively a separate “household” under the same roof. The exception is when they are “in the charge” of their children, ie disabled and have an invalidity card.

Sorry I am doing this by proxy as the couple have very poor internet at the moment, I checked and it is threshold for residency.
I will do a separate post about their situation but in the UK they looked after both the parents up until her mother died and now they have sold up and moved here to what was their holiday home and her father has come with them as he cannot look after himself.
They were getting attendance allowance in the UK but not carers allowance because he is 87 years old, so they were not sure if he came under the household or would be separate from them.

I “think” he will be considered as an individual. But if he gets a UK state pension that that will be adequate, and in fact more than adequate as presumably he is not paying rent! I really don’t think they should fret about that. They can start to take steps necessary to change his staus to that of a dependent, depending on the frailty of his condition, but it shouldn’t be necessary.

But they should take steps to get his attendance allowance exported, if they haven’t already, here: