Guitar Tab Books

Guitar tab books for sale.

Individually priced, so please contact for details if interested.

What a great collection…if only I could play guitar good enough and my mind was able …even if the spirit is willing… I’d have bought ALL of these in a heartbeat… brill collection and would love to hear the result of play too…
I’ve got arthritis in hands so bought a piano , to learn, but still love the guitar… but sadly talent is lost with me… But appreciate others that can play well… :guitar: :guitar: :guitar:

That’s why I’m selling the tab books and my guitars.
Breaks my heart, but at least I can still enjoy listening to the guitar masters.


For those whose hands no longer have the strength and agility to play like we once did, slide guitar is a good option as I’ve discovered over the last few years. Sure you’ll never manage Surfing With The Alien on slide, but it’s still fun and lets you carry on making music.


Yes, listening is great, had Satriani on this very morning…lol
But also been trying to pick me up a Dulcimer, as did have a go at one and you don’t need to make such tight shapes to get a good sound from one of them, so great to feel like your still making music of some kind…

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