Guitar Teacher, violin player, PA for events.Dept 87

My husband, a qualified teacher, has been giving guitar lessons to individuals and small groups for about 20 years in the UK and he’d like to carry on here in France. Before setting up as Autoentrepreneur he would like to find out if there’s likely to be any interest. He has loads of experience teaching acoustic and electric to a wide range of students, from the very young to those who have later turned professional.

Also anyone know of a violin player interested in playing Irish/Scandinavian/central European traditional tunes? We’re missing gigging and our expensive PA equipment is starting to gather dust. Which reminds me, if anyone needs PA and sound engineer for summer events we’re also hoping to set up a business for that as well.

For the teaching part it could be a good idea to investigate a local ‘conservatoire’. Our local town organises classes from tots to seniors daily and at the weekend.