Halogen Cooker 12L (Table top)

Hi all, I've just this weekend purchased a 12L table top halogen cooker, after a lot of research and reading plenty of reviews. This is our main 'cooker' as I'm not planning on buying the usual conventional oven. It is said to use 70% less electricity which is great, can cook, roast, grill etc like any conventional oven, easy to clean and can cook food straight from the freezer, so I really want to get the most out of it. Some reviews have said that they have 'ditched' the main oven and would never go back to using it. The chicken I cooked yesterday for Sunday roast was absolutely gorgeous and so tender and flavoursome. I'd love to know what your thoughts are if any of you have/did have one :)

I will have a good shop around, thanks for the info, I will let you know if I get one

Now that I like. We also turn our big oven on a lot to reheat bread - does it do that? We're supposed to make it but I always forget until it is too late, planning in our home life is not my forte (I'm too busy). We were thinking about buying one of those little mini-fours that the French love so much, mainly to save on electric.

Look forward to seeing how you do.

I too like Carol entertain a lot and do a lot of baking/bread making but I have seen them advertised and often thought they would be a godsend for an extension of the cooker, they make it look so easy on the TV and I have wondered if it is just one of those gadgets that never work when you get it home and so easy to clean too, so I would be very interested to know how you get on with it, sadly we don't have a carrfour near to us will have to venture out to find one....keep us posted Hayley :-)

And are you able to do a roast meat, roast pots and yorkshire pudding at the same time? Curious as I have seen them on offer.

I guess it depends on quantities you cook. I had a range cooker that I found wonderful ...basically 2 ovens and a grill...we do entertain a lot...so that would prevent me from buying a halogen oven (the last dinner party I cooked curry for 8 and the oven was full of dishes being heated), which is why it wouldnt work for me...but if this provides sufficient space for your cooking...it sounds like a good alternative....used to do a bit of catering and have used everything but a halogen oven..so no idea how cakes, bread, yorkshire pudds turn out....but would be interested to know once you have tried them.