Hammerite Paint

anyone know where (if?) you can buy Hammerite Paint in France? Online or at a chain store... NOT spray which i can get easily - but a pot of paint...

i usually rely on my tool shed who deliver to france, but they can't send this...

i've tried brico, batiman and my lovely local hardware store

x thanks, x teresa

thanks Bruce... i'm about half a country away in Provence near Nyons in the Vaucluse (84)... I bought it from Leroy Merlin in Avignon in the end (thanks all!) It was eye-watering expensive - but luckily i was spending someone elses money... x teresa

Don't know where you are but Eco Entrepot (The Shed) in Bussiere Poitvin (87) gets it from UK an sells it at half the UK price.

great advice Anthony - thanks - will look out for Aastral and compare!

x teresa

We have found Hammerite, called Hammerite, under the brand name Hammerite on shelf, in a DIY chain shop, called Leroy Merlin, in France. I can remember what the other product that we bought was! It was called Astral Protect Fer and we have used it on very rusty iron ware in the garden.

Yes, we have found it on shelf at Leroy Merlin in Tours Nord. However, my wife bought Astral Protect Fer instead. As you will have noticed paint in Fr. is outrageously expensive. Oh dear!

thank you Matt - not late at all! but as I said MY Brico Marche and Depot and Mr Brico and Batiman don't have the tins of paint - a trip to Avignon and Leroy Merlin is planned - so thanks for adding to that thread!

x teresa

Sorry I am late in here, yes Bricomrache, Mr Brico and Leroy Merlin all stock it. :)

thank you so much all... i'm in the 84 vaucluse, my local bricos (marche/depot) do not and will not sell it, but lordy lord, thanks so much Mr Chris Blomfield, we DO have a Leroy Merlin in Avignon - just called them and they stock it... brilliant response dear sfn-ers... it's 30 minutes away, but you've saved me from hardware roulette once again!

x teresa

Bought some in Bricomarche last week. Also available was generic 'Effet Martele' paint.

Hi Teresa, I live in the Dordogne, and it is readily available in "Briconautes" and "Bricomarche" and possibly "Weldom" and "Brico depot" all have websites and will show you there closest to you. Brico depot has an online catelogue and a phone call to the others will save your time most will accomodate even the worst french speakers, but if in doubt find your best french speaking friend to ask for you.

Hope that helps


Leroy Merlin show it on their online shop. They probably sell it in their stores.


Yes, not called Hammerite but I cannot remember what it is. We bought some in a Tridôme in Bergerac for painting metal containers. I seem to recall it was not cheap and existed in only three colours; red, black and silver-grey although we really wanted the brown-bronze that was not on the swatch, so red it was.