Hand Made

Crafting is the new Rock 'n Roll, so if you make things from wood, wool or anything else this is the group for you!

If you fancy helping out our Cat Rescue and Adoption Charity, why not make some of these lovely mice for our abandonned cats? or this super idea for using up old jumpers!

Hi Majena. Welcome.
You might also like some crafting pages on Facebook:
Crafting in France Together
Crafty items for sale, wanted or give away in France.
Where in France are you? There are several ‘get together’ groups meeting perhaps once a month. Its good to meet face to face.

hi everyone, thanks for inviting me to the group. I'm a keen sewer and crafter, and though just arrived in france am busy setting up my sewing room and starting the usual necessary projects - curtains!

Thanks for adding me to the group.

I love silverslithing as a word :) I don't think it will get me AE in France, but I enjoy it as a hobby - keeps me out of mischief :)

Silverslithing must be a new craft - sorry for that mistake, a typist I am not!

The bracelet is stunning, as are those other items shown on your FB page - very best of luck with this venture!

Thank you for your welcome Lynn - hi - I have no idea how I can respond to you!

I have a FB page willow house silver, I think you can look even if you are not on FB.

In the late 70's I did my degree and now retired in my 50's I can return to my passion :)


Hi Willow, I would have loved to learn the trade os silverslithing, My grandad used to be a silversmith in Birmingham. Do you have any photos of your work, it would be fascinating to see.

Welcome to SFN by the way!!

Hi I just joined and just joined the group - I'm a silversmith - anyone else out there?

Jane, you've been busy. The jacket sounds lovely, love to see a photo. We are going skiing this weekend so am going to try finishing the blanket on the journey.

I finished a wonderful jacket for myself. I got the pattern and wool from Great British Yarns. I used the Blue Faced Leicester wool.
I have also knitted hats for all my family and an old fashioned tea cosy for my younger daughter.
At the moment I am knitting cabled slipovers for my four grandsons, I am on number two!
I also bought some wonderful material from Just Fabrics and added deep borders to our very plain curtains. I must cut the tie-backs and make a couple of cushions.
I need a lot more incentive to get out my machine than I do my kneedles.

I just learned Shuttle Tatting last weekend and I’ve uploaded a ebook to my kindle to do something with this new skill.
I’m still quilting my big quilt and have started a new one for behind our bed.
But I have a busy week this week, I’m giving 4 scrapbooking and card making classes. So crafting for me will have to wait until Sunday.

What is the machine you want to sell? I don't really need another one but they are my weakness, that and I'm just nosey!

I've been so busy sorting stuff out that I've had to forbid myself from doing anything nice in the creative line and now I'm tamping at the bit to to make inroads into my ever lengthening lists of knitting, crochet and sewing things I want to tackle.

I too have sofa covers to replace but mine actually have holes in them so are worse than threadbare!

incidentally, I have a sewing machine to sell - is there a sales thread for crafty stuff?

I couldn't see one.


Sounds like a big project, Jan. My OH would be the same and never straightens up the sofa after he's sat on it :( I've just had my sewing machine serviced and can't believe how smooth it sews now. Must remember to get it serviced more regularly, can't remember the last time it was properly done.

I'm with you on the 'making something from scratch' front. It's so much easier. My next project, when I've done the measuring up, will be making some new box cushions for our sofa as the current covers have now become threadbare.I've tried throwing a throw over everything, but my husband managed to wriggle it up and still be on the worn out cushions :(

This group has been very quiet recently, are we all busy making things? :)

I'm currently crocheting a cot blanket for a friend who's baby is due shortly. On the final straight, border to finish and, of course, ends to sew in, (hate that bit!). Already trying to think of what to do next, although I have a pile of alternations/mending to do. Much rather make something from scratch as it's so much more rewarding.

Welcome Sealey

Hi everyone. I just joined.