Handyman wanted in exchange for reduced rent

Well remembered Celeste!

Here it is http://www.survivefrance.com/forum/topics/work

Hi James

We're in the 24. We have a bedroom to finish dry-lining and a plasterboard ceiling to put up in our lounge. The lounge is a simple job as all the preparation has been done. Would love to get the en suite installed too but that can wait!

If there is/are any SNF people who would like to come and stay in the Dordogne (or who knows someone) we would be eternally grateful!

I will check out the helpx thing too. Thanks for that!

You could try Helpx Karen, although there may well be an SFNer willing to help. Where in France are you? What kind of skills would be required?


Iā€™m looking for work in exchange for accommodation and meals. Iā€™m available almost immediately should anyone be interested
Thank you

might want to start a new post this one is a tad old.