Hanging baskets for all day sun

Our house faces due south, which is great for our solar panels but not so good for our hanging baskets. We have a drip watering system but wonder what flowers others have planted that have survived so much sun.


Thanks John, Carolyn and Rosemary. I'll be checking out the municipal flowers just as soon as I can.


We usually see Geraniums in all their many forms here along with a few Marigolds and Pansies while in the Autumn a huge display of Chrysanthemums

Hi, I find one of the best solutions is to have a look at what they put in the municipal hanging baskets in your area - they're usually in the full sun. Often the municipal nursery has an open day when you can ask advice and buy plants. In June, I think it is but you could probably drop by any time.

I have manged to save my fuchias from last year with the mild winter previous years have been a prolonged minus 5 to 7 with a low of minus 18, even when indoors they havent survived over the winter this year i do expect good results from them Petunias are the good standard basket flower normaly producing good results why i havent achieved the same as i did in the uk beats me

I currently have pansies but I will change in a few weeks. Like John, Fuchias, Petunias and lobelia have provided wonderful colour for the last 2 summers and I water them by hand every evening. I grow marigolds and geraniums in pots along the wall.

Hi Jan we are in the Tarn and thoughi have always been dissapointed here with the quality of plants compared with what i could get in the uk we have planted Petunias Geraniums Marigolds Labelia and fuchias which i love plus other hanging greenery which i forget watering early morning and late evening but the wind is the major concern when the baskets wizz around at 500rpm i am amazed how they survive