Hanging Baskets

I have about 20 hanging baskets brought with us from the uk for the life of me i cant find any liners or matting to make liners have tried using plastic sheeting but it looks a bit naff do they do such things over here , seen plenty of holders to put pots in but i enjoy making up the baskets so anyone got ideas


Hi John,

Every year I line my 11 hanging baskets with moss I find in the woods, if you go to a shaded country lane which has fosses (ditches) you will find a lot growing there on the banks, sometimes you can pull off ‘sheets’ of moss brilliant! if not just pull up as much fresh moss as you can find, it often has bits and pieces in it, just pick them out, very easy, I usually fill about 3 supermarket carrier bags full for my 10-11 baskets. And, it doesn’t cost anything and very very effective!

If you want any help or more info just let me know, I would only be too happy to give.

Best of luck.


Moss is a good liner, it’s porous, so you may want to put something inside it to retain water but it is attractive and doesn’t detract from the plant.

Hi Liz we are just down the road from yourselves in Mazamet i have always used the water retaining crystals in the uk but as this is our first summer here will see how we go on

I had the same problem, I have seen them in Truffaut or Botanic. I don`t do them anymore as we have lots of wind down here and the baskets quickly dried. Hope you have more luck than I did!!

Thanks Wendy that is fantastic more than enough there to keep me happy for hours

When stuck for liners, I used to take a lawn rake to mossy patches of grass then gather up the mossy scrapings and use them to line hanging baskets. The scrapings can be soaked before using them as a lining. This seemed to work just as well as shop bought bags of moss and allowed time for the plants to get established. I preferred it to liners as it was far easier to push through plants which were not being planted at the top of the basket.

Thanks Wendy, we’ve ben searching too.

Hi John,

I would recommend this company, plants are excellent too http://www.jardinexpress.fr/24/accessoires.html