Happy Paddy's day


St Patrick’s day on March 16th 2016 in the Cafe-Langues group at Dunkerque

Scroll down for the video : Punjabi dance meets Irish music for St Patrick's Day

They won 5 out of 6 races at Cheltenham.

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Got this beauty last year - so I am celebrating St Patrick’s Day!


I think the Riverdance cast’s jobs are pretty safe :smile:

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I know nothing about horse racing (except a friend had a race horse once and the cost of training, upkeep, etc. was so horrendous he gave it away to a stud) but I was delighted to see a female jockey take the honours in one of the races.

Cheaper than a UK one too :wink:

My friend has a share in Another Venture in the Kim Muir on Friday. It is a charity syndicate suppporting ‘Maggies’ in Cheltenham for sufferers of breast cancer and their families.
It is trained by Kim Bailey who is doing very well at the moment.
I am not sure who will be riding, as it is a race for amateurs and they are banned because of Covid.