Has anyone applied for French citizenship recently?

The minister might have been frightened to death… at the thought of marmite… and given in gracefully… :rofl: :rofl:

OTOH might have shredded your application in disgust :wink: :face_vomiting:


That’s new one on me, who is being forced to leave the uk if they gave got the correct residency documentation?

heard of Windrush John?

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Have to admit hadn’t really connected with that sad episode and I don’t know much of the background to that or the terms on which they came here from the West Indies.

Did they need to get settlement documents or was it in the 1950/60 before such things mattered, or it was made clear they needed to apply.

There have been reports of people being forced to leave the UK having lived here for decades.
Here’s just one report

yes, they were given documents allowing them to stay permanently but these were dishonoured by the British Government (where have you heard that before?)

Done in PACA ,Marseille for the interview and Digne for the actual papers ,no fanfare due to covid restriction. To be honest I didn’t expect it so quickly but I wasn’t about to say no I want to wait like other people.I didn’t ask why either .Maybe I should change my name to Jim as in Lucky Jim😃

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Wow! Need to change to Extra Lucky Jim, PACA has a reputation for being very slow! Well done you.

Slightly off topic but relevant to the language requirement perhaps…
a Quora answer about a French accent

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I think that you may have had an unsympathetic interviewer. My wife told me that she was treated with sympathy and understanding despite the fact that she was so nervous that she had problems with writing her signature at the end.
As I am 83 I have decided that it is not worth the hassle. I have lived here for 17 years, pay my taxes, own my own house, and feel integrated with my local community. I am now French. I merely lack the paper to prove it.


Not at all, we got on a treat and she was just doing her job, it was the girl next to me who got ripped apart because she didn’t know her stuff, normal really.
As for being french/integrated etc. let’s not start a compétition :wink:

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Hi, I would likw to buy a hard copy of the Livret du Citoyen, but I cannot find where to buy it, anyone know ? I know that I can find it online but I would like a hard copy.

Thanks !

I’ll leave you to it…

since you already know how to get it into paper… if you mean hard-backed… as in cardboard outer pages… why not go into a bookshop and ask.

Have you thought of asking at either your Mairie (as a first step) or more likely your prefecture? They may be able to source a hard copy version for you at no or minimal cost that will actually be recent. A quick (and it was quick so I may be missing things) Google search only brought up very old, and probably very out of date books, whereas official channels are more likely to have up to date, accurate materials.

Thanks guys.

Applied for CdS in 2019 Told me a month ago I had been unsuccessful without saying why.
Emails etc not answered til last week telling me to book an RDV without saying if I need to bring docs etc.
Trying to get an appointment online seems impossible too.
What a carry on…