Has anyone been asked for ID alongside their pass sanitaire?

As I understand it establishments that require the pass sanitaire can ask customers for ID to prove the pass they are showing is theirs (which makes sense to me as it would be pretty easy to use someone else’s)
I have been carrying around my marriage certificate as my pass sanitaire has my maiden name on and all my ID docs have my married name.
I was just wondering if anyone has actually been asked to show ID? I haven’t at all and if no one else has I might stop worrying I’ll need to.

I’ve had to show my PS at 4 separate cafes/restaurants to data and none have asked for additional ID.

No idea if my having my phone out displaying my PS as I approached was a factor in not being asked for ID.

Not yet but it would make sense.

except resturant staff do not have the right to ask for ID.
Ce n’est pas une raison pour que le restaurateur ou gérant de salle de cinéma vous demande votre pièce d’identité. “Seuls les forces de l’ordre et agents mentionnés au L3136-1 Code de la Santé Publique réalisent cette vérification, ex: officier de police judiciaire/agent de police judiciaire, policiers municipaux”, rappelle la porte-parole du ministère de l’Intérieur Camille Chaize. Jean Castex l’avait déjà annoncé le 21 juillet.


Yep, as Flocreen says…

It’s been made quite clear in the French Press etc … only police/gendarmes/legal folk… can ask to see your identity…

Which is why the police etc have been doing spot checks in some venues… (cinema/resto/bar/whatever…)

Edit: @Zoe
My Pass Sanitaire has my maiden name on it… quite normal in France.
Maiden name is used for all sorts of things… electoral roll for example…

I have ID with me… CdSejour and/or Driving Licence… and, if I ever get asked, either of those identifies who I am!



Used PS several times and have never been asked for ID


What’s the general experience with the pass sanitaire?
Hereabouts venues, restaurants, etc always check it - even if you’re just sitting outside - but we just had a couple of days down on the coast - Brittany/Loire border - and they mostly didn’t bother.

I’ve been asked for it in every bar/cafe/restaurant I’ve used since it was made mandatory down here in SE 47/NW 82. All bar one scanned and verified it. and that one accepted my waving my phone with it displayed full screen at them.

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wasn’t he original post about ID with pass sanitaire?

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I thought that was already answered - nobody (so far) has been asked for ID, and no general right to ask exists in law.

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I was asked for my ID once, in early August, at the entrance to a performance for which we had reservations. Once I showed both I was passed to the booking table to check in about my reservation.

I attended a performance at another locale (for which I didn’t have to make a reservation), later in August and at the entrance I was only asked to show my PS.

At cafes I’ve only been asked to show the PS. The fellow behind the bar at one cafe just glanced at the PS, while at other cafes the server has scanned it.


Sadly, I’ve not yet been to a bar since showing your PS is obligatory. Just interested in how they are scanned - is it simply by using another phone with a “special” bit of an app, or have all bars, restaurants etc been issued with something else?

I’ve waved my paper PS at anyone who might want it… no-one actually scanned it though… perhaps I look too honest to be pulling a fast one… :rofl:

(Plus, I have only been where people know me already… and know that OH and I are x 2 vaccinated.)

We have been scanned by phones, ipads and one person was happy we had phones on us (and therefore had the app = very lax).

Our first excursion with our pass (on paper) went well. It was scanned without problem at the restaurant (and we had a superb meal!) We don’t have a smartphone and, so far, haven’t needed one at all…

No. All they need is the QR code on tousanticovid app or a paper version. all your details are contained on that.

They are all scanned on a mobile app in bars; restaurants and sometimes visitor attractions (my husband was scanned walking up to Montsegur…) There is a massive fine on both the restaurants and the individual if they fail to scan. You can print out your NHS certificate and then you download the tousanticovid app onto your mobile phone which then takes you through the steps to scan your QR code (both of them). and you are set to go. I always carry a copy of the paper version just in case my phone dies.