Has anyone brought cats from US when moving to France?

Our move to France from the US is less than 6 months away and I’m preparing mentally, and physically as much as possible as to not wait till the last minute.

I’ve checked on the rules about bringing cats over to France from the US. I have never traveled with pets, so I’d like feedback from anyone who has. I’ve checked on taking a boat over since we’re not in a hurry and thought it would be cool, but…

  1. They’re booked up until Oct 2018
  2. They set sail from N.Y. and we’re in L.A. (kind of defeated the purpose because we
    were trying to avoid flying with our cats)

Our (bro and sis), cats are 16, but in perfect health, they’ve both been to the vet recently for check-ups.

They meet, or will meet the criteria for pet importing.

What I’d like to know: Anything you wish you knew prior to doing it yourself, or anything you’ve heard of that might be helpful.

Remember, we’re coming from the US, not EU,

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to read, and/or answer my query.



Wow 16 is pretty old for a cat - do you think they will be ok with the trauma of the move?

We brought our cat from Maryland to France some years ago. Most important thing is to make sure that you have all the correct paperwork, and that the transport container is large enough for the cat to both stand and turn around.
DO NOT attempt to bring any cat food into France.
Bring a large roll of paper kitchen towels in your carry on bag, together with some plastic ziplock bags for waste disposal, and some disposable rubber gloves and a small container of hand sanitizer (less than 100ml).
Be prepared to harden your heart and ignore the plaintiff mewing that you’ll have to listen to.
It is a good idea to refrain from feeding the cat during the journey and for 6 hours prior to setting out. Give a small quantity of water but no food. That way the cat will be less likely to throw up during the transport.
Good luck.


Yes, they’ve both been checked out recently and are in tip top condition. Maybe they’re the kind that will live up to 20+ years, fingers crossed :smiley:

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Hi Kirsten,

I plan to move to France and fly to CDG from the US later this year, and want to try to bring my cat. I’d be very interested in learning about your experience if you wouldn’t mind sharing.


Hi Kristen-
I just read your inquiry. I recently arrived in France from the U.S. with my cat. This is his second trip here ( he’s 2 years old). I also traveled from New York to France four times with my other cat when she was between 11 and 15 yrs. old.
Let me know if you are still seeking advice.


Thank you Maggie Shea, your note was encouraging. Will keep that in mind.