Has anyone else had a Declaration Commune des Revenus des Professions Independentes?

We’ve received 3 copies now of this form from RSI. It has an orange band at the top relating to Revenus 2010. It clearly says in a yellow band halfway down to declare on www.Net-entreprise.fr

Well I’m confused, we’ve declared every trimester on Net-entreprise, our accountant submitted our revenue to les impots and we’ve received back our Avis D’Impot sur le revenue 2011 (sur les revenus de l’annee 2010) which is all in order. We’ve also had our attestation Fiscale 2010 from Urssaf which confirms the amount my hubby earned.

I don’t understand why RSI keep sending these other forms - aren’t they automatically joined up to URSSAF and les Impots? Has anyone else filled them in?

Our accountant is unfortunately on holiday for all of Ooooot and I’m fed up of these rappels coming through. I’ve tried calling RSI today but it appears they are also on holiday for all of Ooooot (but their systems seem to be working sending out more and more rappels!)

Anyone had the same experience?



Hi Dan, it’s one of those words my hubby and I always feel really stupid saying. Our pronounciation is totally unnatural hence I make more of a joke of it!

Have fun

Oooot. Hehe! I have nothing to constructive to add aside from that your use and spelling of Ooot made me laugh so hard I almost sprayed wine on my screen when I got the joke. Thanks!

Hi Suzanne, if you are AE you do not have to complete this form.
We received one and just as I threw the envelope into the bin I caught sight of the accompanying leaflet which says that if you are AE, you have received this by mistake and to contact your RSI to rectify their records. I called them back in May and have not received any more (yet).
However, if the SIRET number is wrong follow it up immediately, the longer you leave it the worse it will get!
good luck!

now having looked at the silly forms again I see they are quoting a SIRET number which is close to my hubby’s number but not an exact match…could it be they have him on the system twice??? As I paid Taxe D’habitation twice for 3 years for the same property I would not put it past l’administration!

I have now written a letter which the other half will sign tonight and I’ll send by pigeon tomorrow. I could just address it straight into the ‘black hole’ that is RSI/RAM Gamex admin inbox or should that be binbox?

We shall see whether we get a response before our accountant comes back off her hols.

On my side it’s still the same matter with RSI’s declarations. My accountant sent them the ‘Declaration Commune des Revenus’ and, every time, they return it because it’s not an ‘original document’ (or another mistake they have the secret!)… And I’m unable to use net-entreprise website, the access is denied for me (please ask to RSI for further information…. but I can’t reach the RSI body… Is the French Regime Social a bit complicated? Oh no, it’s just a legend, isn’t it? Of course, my accountant spends his holidays far from the phone! Does my accountant know better than me these ‘arcane’?
Next step for September…! (when all of those people will come back to business!)
A French saying: Don’t work during Ooooot, they are out!

RSI are on holiday today its a public holiday in FRance. Sounds a bity like a scam to me if you are fully paid up then you should be placing the demands in the round filing cabinet on the floor. Though I have no idea about the website I always fill it in as a paper form and post, gives them something to do.

I think it’s another case of the RSI not working properly. I thought I declared online, but have had the paper declarations too. As it’s August I wouldn’t worry about it until your accountant comes back from holiday - it’s their job, after all.