Has anyone flown with Flybe?

My mum and dad are coming to stay with us for 3 nights next April 2015. Has anyone used Flybe to fly to Edinburgh from Bergerac? I am trying to find the best way for them to fly to Scotland. I know that Ryan Air also go from Bordeaux but that is over 2 hours drive away (and I am scared to drive there LOL). For people who are not used to driving in France (especially main cities, etc) is it easy to get to Bordeaux Airport from Belves area?

Any recommendations please - we would like them to fly off on a Thursday as they have a wedding to go to in Scotland.



Yes, once. It was friendlier than Ryanair but otherwise a similar service. Pity it is only Saturdays.

Bordeaux from Belvès, we are along the route to Belvès from Bergerac, is basically: Lalinde, Bergerac, Ste-Foy-La-Grande, then as far as Castillon-la-Bataille and then follow the Merignac signs. It should take you two hours by car. The roads on that route are fine, not the fastest but I certainly prefer that to the faster route.

Rail is another direction. Take the train from Belvès to Agen, change for the Bordeaux St Jean train. That is about two and a quarter hours if you have the right connections. Then you have the shuttle at exit 11 that is about half an hour journey and one each half an hour. I did that once and had 30 minutes on top for driving here. I had plenty of time to spare and had the trains booked online, only parking and the shuttle to factor in.

Personally, I prefer driving to the train journey. That way I know that delays and missed connections will not scupper me. However, if it all goes right it is fine.