Has anyone given up sugar or even considered it?

(Roger Waldram) #61

Hi, I have been Type 1 with multiple daily injections for 54 years, and have been eating a low-carb diet for a long time. Would recommend checking out Dr Bernstein-online, books & YouTube, his topic is normal blood-sugars for all diabetics. He was diagnosed T1 a long time ago & followed the American Diabetic Association regime of carbs balanced by insulins-lots of side-effects. Did his own research, but no-one believed him so trained as a doctor, published & no longer has those side effects.
In summary he advocates low-carbs, blood testing & exercise. You may be able to get Abbott Freestyle Librés on prescription-I have a capteur/sensor for blood-sugars (interstitial fluid) that I read with my smartphone after starting with the Reader (no finger-pricks or blood required most of the time). Est A1C 6.0/ 42mmoL Easy to monitor BS & only side-effect is peripheral retinopathy that UK doc 4 years ago said was fine. Only need specs for fine print.
Happy to chat if anyone wishes.

(barry Carleton) #62

We considered giving up sugar many years ago, cant remember exactly why but we just stopped.
Thought that everthing tasted better/natural afterwards, though that no sugar would be healthier. Only problem is that food manufacturers think that we need sweetners instead, which we dont, and the natural taste is masked by sweetners again, when will they learn?
We keed sugar cubes for visiters, cos its embarrassing when they need sugar in hot drinks and we don’t have any.
Why did you ask?

(Mandy Davies) #63

Thanks for replying. I thought my original post was self-explanatory. I guess not.

It’s something I’ve been thinking about recently to see if it would maybe reverse my type 2 diabetes and just wanted to hear about other people’s experiences. It’s been very helpful.