Has Anyone Here Obtained Licence IV Recently?

We need to get ourselves a Licence á Debit Boissons Acoolise á Emporter to sell our beers direct to the public.
A course is mandatory, prior to applying. From what I can infer from agencies offering the course, it is interactive and has criteria set to pass.
We have so far managed to get through tge process of creating an “enterprise” on oir French language “skills”. Forthe licence course it would really help us if we knewtge syllabus. We could then gen up beforehand and not get left behind assimilating the previous 4 sentences😉
Has anyone done this recently, perhaps for a Licence IV for a bar, or for a shop?

Are you sure you need IV and not Licence III to sell beer ???

(You surely wont be selling whisky and strong stuff like that which drops into IV… :thinking:)


Hopefully someone will chime in with tales of their experiences…

From a swift google you don’t need IV unless you sell over 18 per cent proof. Selling beer needs III. Though it looks as if it’s the same training for everything.

According to this site, online courses are a scam as they are not officially recognised

But of course this might be wrong or out of date or itself a scam. Just be careful before you pay out good money.

Edit - just realised you didn’t actually say you were looking at online courses. I speedread and saw “interactive” and my brain thought “online”. Doh.

Not sure how much this will help but this page outlines the content of th course

" Quel est le contenu de la formation ?

La formation pour les débits de boissons comprend les points suivants :

  • Cadre légal et réglementaire en France.
  • Explication des licences et conditions liées à la personne.
  • Les modalités d’ouverture d’un commerce de boissons alcoolisées à consommer sur place.
  • Obligations d’affichage : horaires, prix…
  • Déclaration à effectuer avant l’ouverture.
  • La prévention avec, entre autres, la lutte contre les risques d’alcoolémie, la répression de l’ivresse sur la voie publique, la protection des mineurs et femmes enceintes.
  • Obligations en matière de protection de l’ordre public : lutte contre le bruit, alcoolémie au volant, réglementation sur les jeux et loteries.
  • Réglementation locale : zoom sur la vie publique avec les arrêtés préfectoraux et municipaux.

Le contenu pour les chambres d’hôtes comprend les mêmes aspects, mais appliqués à ce domaine d’activité.

Enfin, dans le cadre de la commercialisation de boissons alcooliques la nuit, sont évoqués les points supplémentaires suivants :

  • Conditions pour ouvrir une exploitation de vente à emporter.
  • Classification et commerce des breuvages alcoolisés."

There are a lot of references to consommation sur place. Do make sure that you do need to do this for a petite licence for class III off sales.

What would be great @anon27586881, would be to get the details of each section, for a bit of preparation.
I know that we don’t need a Licemce iV. as far as I can tell the obligatory course is identical for all licence applications, irrespective of whether it be A Emporter, IV or Ventes de Nuit :frowning:

Well it tells you the topics so you could look up and learn the relevant sections of French law. The texts of all French legislation can be accessed online quite easily.

It’s a three day course isn’t it, so presumably there will be loads of material. I doubt any training organisation is going to make all its course material available for free public access. Otherwise its competitors could nick it and save themselves the trouble of developing their own course content :grinning:

Why not contact a provider and explain your situation? They may be able to send you some material in advance if you sign up with them.

Different providers will have slightly different content in any case.

That is the intention next, establish contact with a centre in Toulouse. It is half the cost of the same course at a nearer centre.
One thing we still can’t work out is whether we both need to hold a licence, or whether it is the societe (i.e. the business as a moral person) that needs a licence.
I did try asking at our Marie. They said it was nothing to do with them, and that we did not need a Iicence at all. I know that first part is wrong, it is clearly stated that the application must be handed in to the Mairie, so I believe I can ignore the second bit of advice from them :wink:

You may have to hand it in to the mairie but I bet the sous-prefecture are the ones who actually deal with it.

Hi …i have a licence for sale …cat 4 …how can i find a place to sell this

Try looking in leboncoin. There is a company that sells, and buys Licence IV. Price depends on location, IIRC.

Would you please be kind and forward me the company.i cannot find it on le boncoin.
Many thanks for your help
My regards
Keith gladden

Open leboncoin, either the app or the website.
Enter “licence” in the search.
Select "tout la France ".
Select “professionel”, clear “particulier”, select “offres”.
This is the second ad, of 2500+, that was returned in my search, plenty more :wink: