Has anyone learned to touch type?

circumflex is on the 9ç key

On the qwerty board:
ç is Alt135
Æ is Alt146
œ is Alt0156

(I’ve got a page pinned on the wall giving all sorts of computations… but no idea if its any good for the azerty keyboard)

Thank you @vero ! Got it :smiley: What do you do for œ then?

So it is @Stella - I wonder why there’s two?

perhaps my one’s not the correct one… I’m not using my azerty at the moment, so can’t check it.

Either do a code or find it in the drop-down weird characters menu. On my tablet it is simple, if I hold down the key I get all the options :slightly_smiling_face:


Press the circumflex key first (on Macbooks, this is two keys to the left of the paragraph return key), and I see that it is the same on my PC keyboard, then immediately type the vowel you want the circumflex to appear on, so for “ô”, you would press the circumflex key, release the key, then press the “o” key.

On Macbooks, you long press down on the “o” key, and a virtual selector appears with a number choice to let you choose the letter you want, but I don’t think that this functionality exists on other operating systems, so you have to use Unicode key combinations.

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A bit off-topic, but after years of using Microsoft Word, I’ve just discovered that Word can translate! I compared Word Translate to Google Translate and they’re identical. So will use Word in future instead of going back and forth from Word to Google!

I have a Microsoft Azerty keyboard where there’s no key for the euro sign, but have just discovered in Word’s small print that I can type (e) to produce the euro sign ‘€’.

We live and learn!

Alt0128 = € (on qwerty)

Whilst holding the Alt gr key (next to the space bar) then 4 brings up the € sign on my HP laptop. It seems quite simple as it has the $ symbol on the 4 key so easy to remember.

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Marvellous… OH printed out the page for me to use with my old querty keyboard (from flintstone era).

I’ve just tried your trick € and it works a treat €

although I find I’m doing the oldstyle just as fast, 'cos there’s no thinking needed… and my bad left hand won’t yet reach the numbers…up there…