Has anyone successfully dealt with DREAL

Hello, we have recently brought our Nissan Navara Outlaw from the UK to France. Nissan says they can only offer us a partial COC and now we must deal with DREAL. They have sent me a list of 7 documents they require. I’m wondering if anyone else has gone through this process and can explain exactly what it is they require as a few seem perplexing. Also if we spend all this money on acquiring some of the documents can they still reject us ? Nissan will only give us a partial COC as they say the weight of the truck doesn’t conform to the ones in France ( although the truck was manufactured in Barcelona ).
Anyone out there have a French Nissan Navara and can tell me your vehicle weight ?
Feel like I’m down a rabbit hole…

Did you ask Nissan France or Nissan UK for the CoC? I would have thought that Nissan UK would be able to give you a full CoC.

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Its from Nissan France however I understand from my past research that ANTS will only accept a French COC

That’s not correct, they should accept a CoC from any EU nation as the UK will have been at the time. You might still have an issue if the UK CoC mentions left hand traffic but you won’t know until you try.

Does any of this help?

Several people I know have had them refused by ANTS as it must be by French Nissan to register in France.

Many thanks for this however I should have clarified that I need for a French Nissan Navara.

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If it was manufactured in Barcelona, why would you necessarily expect it to conform to the ones in France? Even within the EU there can be differences.

You’re right and it probably doesn’t conform between the two EU countries.

That’s absolutely not correct and I’ve registered 3 vehicles from the UK in France.

We only had a partial CoC for one of our cars and had to take it through DRIRE as it was in those days.
Involved, but not impossible…

Since then, we’ve assisted Brit friends with various other makes which needed DREAL… lots of paperwork but, again, not impossible.

take your time gathering the documents needed and fingers crossed it will all end well… :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

post Brexit?

Do you assist as business enterprise ?

nope, simply as a friend…
Which documents have you been asked to complete and which are you having trouble with ???

EDIT Mark Rimmer is a professional who helps import cars… he’s on Facebook and is mentioned in other threads re imports… take a look…

Thanks, have followed the link

He was pleased at my suggestion to post his email address on SF. I have in the past but to save looking dukwman@gmail.com

When I imported my UK RHD P 307 I didn’t ned a CoC because the V5 had an entry at D2. These codes are the EU type conformity codes. Mark did my registartion, no CoC, with speed and efficiency. Chapeau!


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My 2005 car came with CoC in multiple languages including French… hurrah…
On importation around 2011, the lady at the Prefecture searched for a magnifying glass… as the print was so tiny… :wink:

those were the days… wonderful fun. :rofl:

Like the others,imported cars in the past,fairly straightforward,but it is a whole new ball game now thanks to Brexit and the new sytstem of doing it via the ANTS site,it was much easier when you used to be able to talk to a fellow human at the Prefecture about it all,that,s progress for you,but good luck with it.

This is why it’s so handy being able to have someone like Mark Rimmer do it or @kim do a driving licence. (Chapeau, Kim!)

Familiarity with these arcane and tedious online procedures means that those like Mark and Kim, navigating the system regularly, get it right first time, presuming one has supplied them with the correct docs to start with.

Trivial pursuit question. Allowing for repetition (1111/2222 etc) how many variations can be made of 10 digits, 0-9 ? Ans: 10 billion !

Why then is the ANTS reference number on a driving licence application 22 digits long ! :smile::persevere: