Has anyone traded in a UK RHD car in France recently?

Hi we have some big decisions to make regarding our ageing UK Right Hand Drive car - the work required is mounting up, it is 16 years old, it is RHD and has 215,000km on it. It is registered in France and has a recent CT.

We have bought a 2nd new car in France a couple of years ago but we did not trade in a car.

Is trading in a car normal in France when buying a new/nearly new car? If so there is any value at all in RHD cars in France?

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Absolutely it is - we’ve just done it last week

Again, yes there is but generally lower than LHD in my experience. However, I don’t have any really recent experience of trading in a RHD car so perhaps others can be more definite than me.


IMO a private sale can yield more than a trade in. I was offered 25K for a trade in March but I expect to get +/-29k by selling it privately, through an agent . Due to chip shortages the secondhand market is buoyant at the moment but main dealers still just don’t want the hassle/risk so offer a pretty mediocre trade in.

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I am not sure my car has any of these @John_Scully!

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I considered trading in my old RHD car when we bought our new one, and was offered I estimate about half what I would have got in the UK (even though secondhand prices are generally higher here). I suspect as @John_Scully says a private sale would have yielded more (but In the end I gave it to my daughter).

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Unless it’s a rare or desirable vehicle, good luck getting anyone in France interested in a 16 year old care with over 200k on the clock.

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Was it ever thus? We did the same with our RHD UK car before we came to France. Our son benefited in the end by chopping it in against the (then) Govt scrappage scheme for a new car (he apologised for any potential dismay caused - there wasn’t any need to actually).

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was it an escort? Prince Andrew might have been interested :wink:


It there an environmental scrappage scheme in France at the moment?

I can only find details of the 2020 scheme but no updates to say if it is still in operation…

We planned to trade in our car, four seater hard top convertable, RHD, 14yrs old with 120K miles, We were hoping to buy a new Renault, Checked what we could have sold in for in the UK - about 7K, Renault offered us 3K, considzeing we were buying a 20K+ car from them thought it was a bit mean so keeping it and probably will get another second hand runaround.

Some times I wished we had sold almost everything before we moved over, if only we knew then…

Apologies for typos - new computer!

Put a few Pizza Express boxes on the passenger seat to seal the deal.

Surely at least a “chip off the old block” Mat? :slightly_smiling_face:

Recently fortunate to sell 2017 rhd car for serious money to a Brit, they are the only buyer of rhd, but there is a demand for older cars from some Brits.
Then traded in a 18 month old Arkana (awful) for a Tiguan (VAG excellence) and the difference in p/ex from two VW dealers was nearly £6k. Just depends how much “profit” they have in the one they have for sale.