Has France supplied weapons of war to Russia

I was told that this happened,
Is this true,
This apparently took place just before the war broke out.

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From a reliable source or some dodgy one like the conspiracy theorists on here? If it is true I’d have imagined a quick Google search would give you a number or decent verified report. Despite what some of the nutcases like to suggest, the “mainstream media” is actually very broad and varied and contains plenty of outlets who aren’t afraid to give hard facts, however unpalatable they may be.

Tbh it wouldn’t necessarily surprise me if true. Every day I hear of another french company who is still actively doing business in Russia. I’m not sure if other countries are just better at hiding it or if it is something unique to french business but all this time later, and with all the pressure put on other businesses doesn’t seem to have affected their decision at all, assuming it’s possible for them to stop doing business.

The short answer is yes but it’s complicated, Germany have also done the same.

Many French companies are still trading in Russia but given that France is one of the biggest investors in the country it’s not surprising.