Has Someone got our Summer?

Normally, however rubbish May and June might have been, come the 1st of July, the sun comes out, our pool temperature goes up to at least 28 degrees, the grass stops growing and goes brown, our guests put on the air conditioning and have barbeques every night.
Not this year! I’m wearing a sweater and socks, for heaven’s sake! The guests will be asking for the underfloor heating to be put on.
Has someone got our summer? If so, we’d like it back please.
Mind you, I blame him indoors, he bought a pair of swanky, John Lennon type sunglasses. Big mistake.


Where on earth do you live Sue, our summer is alive and well in Perigord Vert (24), and I am cooling off twice a day wild swimming. :rofl:

We’re in 47. We had a single lovely day yesterday. And cheerfully said summer had finally arrived. It’s gone again. Temperature currently 18 degrees and raining

Mind you, I don’t go near our pool until the water temperature is in the upper 20s and the air temperature in the low 30s. My view of “summer” and yours David may be somewhat different. :grin:


46 the same.


Blame brexit, we get to live in France in exchange France has got our Scottish weather :yum::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


South 23, apart from yesterday absolutely rubbish weather this year. The rest of the week isn’t looking good either, 12°c forecast for tomorrow . Our gite guests will want firewood🔥


Indeed Sue, if my pond had your pool temp I would be cooking dinner in it. :wink:

I don’t look at absolute temperatures, rather the difference between air and water. At the moment my pond temp averages around 17 or 18 while the surrounding air is 24 or so. I reckon, although in the instant that I am totally immersed it is breathtakingly shocking, as long as I immediately start activity, the 6 or 7 degrees difference won’t actually stop my heart. :laughing:

However, as I post here at least once a day I reckon, if you don’t see me for a few days, you’ll know I’m wrong. :rofl: :rofl:


I think we’ve had about 3 days of summer in total - was it the beginning of June? I don’t remember…

It was the beginning of June and I was in your neck of the woods at the time (near Villedieu des poeles)

We had summer… some weeks ago… I was convinced it had arrived… so I packed away my thermal vests.

Then, the house temp fell from its comfortable summer temp of 24c to ominous 14c
so the thermals have come back out of storage… :rofl:

Neighbours reckon this is English weather… rain… chilly… then a burst of hot sun (just enough to get one enthusiastic) and then… back to rain etc…

I keep denying any responsibility… :wink: :rofl:


16°c grey and raining yet again in Charente.
Both our ponds are brim full.
Forecast is for 13°c tomorrow.
Plants, trees, weeds and frogs loving it!

From Tuesday 20th, it looks as though summer may finally arrive.

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Ah yes - so you were! Please will you come back? You obviously brought it with you… :smiley:

Memories are short. We had days and days of sunshine back-along. I see a wazzapp I sent to a Danish friend on 29/03 “Normandy sunshine - and there’s a lot of it about a.t.mo”

Then on 29/05 “After the more or less continuous wet gales we had in May to now, it’s warmed up considerably. A couple of days of cloudless skies and real heat - +/-25 - even today, which is overcast, it’s warm.”

05/06 " After an unusual period of no rain, for this part of FR, we had plenty on Thursday. The garden has gone mad. And at 21:15, gorgeous evening sunlight, birdsong"

It must have continued because 3 days later " Cloudless blue sky. Hot sun." Next day "Mediterranean feel here too. Madame is tending her outrageous garden in shorts. Monsieur has his seasonal attack of sunburn on his forearms. "

Now, tho’ “The forecast gave winds of 50-60kph on the coast 40kms north. Here the trees were lashing about and the clouds racing over. Two days of this, plus slashing rain. I have to say that I’m perfectly happy with that. The endless days of perfect, cloudless blue and the 30C - 35C that goes with it, on the Med coast - I’m very glad to be away from it.”

I blame that heat dome in US / Canada, perhaps it has sucked all the heat from the rest of us in order to give them the INSANE temps they have been having.

Yesterday was lovely - today and the next few days 18c max and raining!


We haven’t been to bad, temp around 20-23C and sunny with thunder plumps, it’s to get nice again from Thursday in 72.

Same here, from Thursday looks like summer will properly arrive.


Southern tip of 86. We’ve had one sunny day in the last ten, raining most days, violent thunderstorms several times a week, temperature currently 17°C.

Each year, there is one day on which the typical warm, dry weather causes the grass to dry out to such an extent that it makes a different sound when you walk on it.

Over the last 6 years, the latest Crunchy Grass Day was June 18th. This year, we’re not even close to that in the middle of July.


Probably crowded out by other things :smiley: For you, the relief of not being in continuous intense heat is a joy. For me, whereas I love the variability of the Normandy weather, the end of last year and into this one has been exceptionally grey on average, even for Normandy!

Definitely strange weather this year.

These sites amongst others… have provided much amusement…




Do I remember a similar post ( a few years ago) ?
I vaguely remember that some were saying the French have a name for this cycle in the weather?