Hatchy Retriever X Berger is looking for his new family (64 and bordering)

Here is Hatchy (to the right on the photo). Born: 01/04/010, male. Will be placed without parasites, inoculated, sterilized and identified 250268500429240 No problems with children and cats. Other dogs: it’s OK but is afraid of some. Environment: to see

His history: dog stemming from this rescue http: // adap64.forumactif.com/t377-de-nombreux-dogs-a-adopter-ou-a-heberger-en-fa

Amount of the adoption: contribution to costs of rescue 200 euro, 180 euro or more according to your generosity

Adoption rather on 64 and bordering departments

To speak about the spitz here is about the link towards its comment claptrap: http: //-adap64.forumactif.com/t423-hatchy-jeune 10-mois-m-taille-moy-retrieverx-berger-ie-250268500429240

Thank’s for making it know around you…