Have a good 'un!

We’re departing for sunnier climes tomorrow, until March, so would like to wish everyone the bestest of festive seasons, whatever your views on Xmas.

Oh well Bruce, if you don't ask.......as they say. Have a great trip and just spare an occasional thought for us freezing our wotsits off, while you sip your marguerita's on the beach........ :)

L’ile Maurice, Gordon. Would love to take you, but we’re locals and the “natives” wouldn’t take kindly to us introducing “etrangers”! You’ll just have to put up with the freezing winter weather!(snigger,snigger)

Where you off to Bruce? Any room for a couple of little uns? We're cheap to run and fully house trained!

It’s easy… My winter fuel allowance pays for the air con bill! Fresh fish bought from the beach every day, good beer at a quid a pint, rum at 3-4 quid a bottle. Mangos, papaya and coconuts waiting for us on our trees (might just catch the last of the lychees).Yeah, I suppose life is a bitch, really!

P.S. So would I, if we could afford it!

Coward ;-)