Have a great weekend everyone!

Anything planned for the weekend? Did you have a good week?

Enjoy yourselves in any event!

Terrible week really (thinking hard about taking on long-term tenants again). As for the weekend, apparently I have to pretend to be a Scot for a belated Burns night celebration tomorrow. Looking forward to the whisky though (whilst wearing my home made kilt) :smile:

Not a bad week … a little trip to India on Sunday. :smiley:

Out dining with friends… lovely dinner followed by a delicious Armagnac… hic…

Tomorrow out with even more friends…hic, hic

Sunday… day of rest… and recovery :wink:

Fabulous weekend …

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My mother died. Alzheimer’s, a dreadful disease but then I suppose they all are.

I am sorry to hear that Chris. With Alzheimer’s the person you knew has already gone and death is just the last goodbye.
I hope you have someone with you.

I will be watching the Australian Open television coverage.
It seems that this could be the last time I will be available to do this as the Discovery channel is being withdrawn from our provider.
The tennis is one of my main enjoyments.

Well the water supply was off for a few hrs and no notification.
it is cloudy now…the electricity went off yesterday afternoon just as
at a bad time…came on a couple of hours latter,
Looking forward to an exciting week ahead…and maybe some

you can subscribe to Eurosport for 6 Euros per month on your ordi. Excellent reception and can put it on the telly via an HDMI cable.

Thanks Jane, you’re right of course.
The BBC have the highlights of the Aussie open tomorrow. A case of trying not to see the result beforehand. Cmon Roger…

its live on free to air French television channel C8 at 09h30 French time

Thanks Phillip. Didn’t even occur to me that it might be on French TV.

Can’t beat Swiss timing…

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Unfortunately, our wifi bandwith is not that good.

All the hoo ha over the tennis sorted now. I can look forward to the next matches. Hopefully Andy Murray and his brother will do better than in Melbourne.