Have prices gone down?

I am talking about price of building... or buying... a house in France (RA and PACA regions).

Since our house prices in Holland are now dropping fast... there goes our perceived profit.... I am wondering if the same happens in France. If it does, then there's less of a problem for us and we can drop the price of our house for sale here too.

If not... I guess then we're stuck to die here in this flat, cold and wet country :-D

Yes, use this waiting period to source interesting properties in France. If anything really catches your eye you could always make an offer (of up to 35% less than the asking price) which will have the effect of accelerating this downward movement.

Thanks for the reply Simon. Same problem in Holland. So if things go in parallel, there's less of a problem for us, losing money on the sale here and then losing again on a purchase in France ;-)

We'll wait and see what happens. Fortunately we don't have to see any bankers.....

Yes and no. We are at the stage in France of reaching the edge of the precipice: vendors stubbornly refuse to reduce their over-valued asking prices .... while the eurozone goes into Grexit mode with the Euro falling against the dollar and the pound. Property prices are about 35% over-valued (in relation to incomes) and this is not sustainable.

I believe that the month of June will see the situation change: the French parliamentary elections coupled with difficult decisions in Brussels will combine to send a signal to French banks that property prices will have to ease considerably if France is not to slip into recession.By not lending to buyers interested in over-valued property the Banks will make sure that prices fall rapidly.

By the end of 2012 one should expect a 15-20% fall in property prices in France.