Have the frosts arrived chez vous yet?

Last week we had a crisp frost one night and two smaller ones either side. Now its warm again (low 20's) and the rain is on the way, giving a window of opportunity to prepare for the next cold spell.

What are you doing to protect tender plants for the winter?

My latest thoughts on protecting plants for the winter are included in my Gardener in France blog.

"The barometer was at its highest for months and while the days were sunny and warm, the nights became progressively colder.

Then it happened: on Friday 21st October we had our first frost. It was just a light one that day but the following morning we were greeted by a liberal sprinkling of dazzling white frost crystals, sparkling in the morning sun.

By Sunday it was all forgotten; the barometer plummeted, the rain came and with it much milder weather. When will it return? Who can tell? But return it will and next time it will be harder."

Check out the full story here:


James has wrapped up the banana plants...will get him to post a picture!

I also have Lemon Verbena, Lippia in my day but Aloysia citrodora now, and have a large plant in the conservatory from cuttings taken this year as well as the plant in the garden....

Love the picture Colin! We've also had a couple of frosts here in Central France but it is again unseasonably warm now. I'm afraid we don't do anything to protect tender plants - they either survive or they don't and if they don't then we won't plant them again! (there is one exception though - lemon verbena and we usually take cuttings just in case!)

we have had a couple of mornings with frost now the wind and rain have arrived in the lower Tarn