Have you any buying tips for a pop up caravan?

(Craig McGinty) #1

I am thinking about buying a pop up caravan similar in style to the one pictured.

They seem reasonably priced, fold down very low for storage and would be perfect for a few trips here and there.

I am wondering if anyone has any tips on buying them and what to look out for, are they prone to rust or weakness in any particular areas?

And if anyone knows of one that might be up for sale I’d be interested as well!!!

(Roger Thomas) #2

Theyre great for the kids in the garden but I’ve never found a polar explorer in there :slight_smile:

(Roger Thomas) #3

OK if the corner seals are intact but don’t expect 4 season comfort, Horses 4 courses :slight_smile:

(Craig McGinty) #4

Many thanks for the note and video link Roger, much appreciated, they really do just pop up!!!

(Roger Thomas) #5

Make sure the vendor demonstrates it , check the attachment points for all the internals, function of Fridge, gas rings, waterpump etc, Ps it should go up and down like this…Video up and down