Have you been given very odd gifts?

Just recalling some of the very odd gifts which I have received? One couple arrived for lunch bearing a weeny size of Heinz baked beans and the husband handed me a small brown plastic plant pot which contained a weed which had been partially placed inside the pot. The weed had been eaten by insects!

Recently I received a childs book about cats and had been given to someone as the first page had been amlost neatly cut out.

Another gift was a christmas tree bauble and a top which was about size 60!!!

I think perhaps you need to find a better class of friend.

I don’t think I have ever really received an odd gift. I have given a few but mainly when that has been the purpose of the exercise. I did however buy my non-smoking friend a pipe for his 50th birthday as I felt it would give him the necessary gravitas, when taking it from his mouth and jabbing it towards either of his daughters, to inform them they weren’t going out “dressed like that, young lady!”.


Strange gifts usually come from equally strange people and I suppose you have to feel sorry for someone who is that odd…Or bid them good bye.

I get a lovely mouse, juicy vole or succulent bunny every day from The Orange One


Not really a gift as such but today I had a ‘winning ticket’ from my little local Intermarché. Once at home I carefully cut open the packet to find … a French flag, 2 inflatable ‘things’ that made a noise when banged together, and la piece de la résistance…3 ‘horns/trumpets’ glued together in red white and blue, once blown the noise was horrible. I promptly took a walk down my commune to pass this on to a French friend. So I suppose he should be replying to this post :rofl:

Visiting Brits, couldn’t believe it!!!
Bloody Marmite :rofl:
More appreciated, French neighbours, ‘Tue la Grippe’, kill the flu.
Appreciated much more, tastes Very Good too :yum: :+1:

For my recent sixtieth birthday (yes I’m still in shock, can’t believe I’ve got to 6-0!) … where was I ? … oh yes, my girlfriends clubbed together and bought me an inflatable chicken outfit. Actually I’ve had enormous fun with it, such a silly present but well thought out as I am a bit of a chicken nut, and it’s certainly the most memorable!


Have to say Sandy, you look a real plonker !!

My late missus for some reason bought me a blowtorch for a birthday. I wasn’t into DIY so I didn’t have the heart to ask WHY ???

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Peter… could it be for cooking… caramelizing stuff etc… OH bought me one years ago… and I’ve never used it… .although it did seem like a good idea at the time…:relaxed:

I can see that it is not just my friends who have strange ideas and find their way to the pound shop.
Or, in some cases circulate unwanted gifts. There was also a green beaded, velvet scarf which was fairly heavily perfumed by its previous owner and another score of books of cat pics. I see cats in real life my friends should know this!

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I’m so tempted to link this thread with Harry’s wedding anniversary angst.:grinning:

as you wish Tim.
And what to buy his wife…May I suggest a really pretty Edwardian style night dress which
is cool in summer and can be purchased on line from companies which specialise in just that.

I’m grateful that you’ve given me your permission.:wink:

are you now!