Have you got a fortune in your cellar?

Might be worth blowing the dust off the odd bottle… :wink:

We did find some old wine in our cellar when we bought the house. 1953 & 1962 Monbazillac.

We still have it.

There are a few other bottles also.

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Fabulous… will you ever drink it ??

We do like Monbazillac having visited the chateau earlier this year.

I would rather sell it for a huge amount of money but it is unlikely!

You never know… :thinking: it might be worth you making some enquiries… so hang on to it for the moment…

I think there is an older bottle also and I can just read the label - i think it is from the 30s or 40s.

Mmm… I’m getting excited now… you know, you really should let me look after these bottles for you… :sunglasses::hugs::zipper_mouth_face::wink:

I love Monbazillac.
I cannot tolerate raw citrus and it tastes a bit of grapefruit.

As Stella has suggested it may be worth making enquires, especially about this older bottle. There are folks out there prepared to pay good money for the prestige of having old wine in their cellars.
As I don’t have a cellar at mine it’s not worth stocking wine, so I am forced to drink whatever I buy within a short time, of course this doesn’t give me the same pleasure of withdrawing it from a cave, but I manage :wink::wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass:

My oldest bottles of wine aren’t very old but I’ve had them ever since I bought them in 1982. They’re a Cote du Rhône from that year which was recommended as a good wine. I doubt they would be drinkable now as they’ve moved house at least 14 times in that time.

We drank a 1990 Bergerac… this year… it had been forgotten at the back of the cellar. Approached it with caution, but it was delicious… :hugs:

Now I’m worried, my bottles of CdR aren’t where I thought they were! I will have to look in a few other places tomorrow. I really have got too much wine lying around including a few bottles of the 1992 St Emilion. I can remember buying that too. I’d better open one of those sometime soon.

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The trouble is I can only remember opening a bottle once in a long time and that was after I’d bought a few bottles and thought I’d better try it.

Can’t have you worrying about all those bottles David, just e mail me your address and I will do my best to help you put your cave into order :wink: :wine_glass:


I do tend to collect the stuff but it’s not always my fault. In the past couple of weeks I’ve been given bottles by two different people after doing them a favour.
I’m might keep that photo to remind me to do some dusting.


My French partner has a lovely cellar, I wouldn’t say it’s full of wine, not possible given the size, but he has some very nice wines down there. The only time he dusts off a bottle is when he brings it up to prepare for guests .
I now keep well away from his cave as every time I take a peek in there some very large and hairy spiders appear, I swear he has got them trained to react when I arrive :fearful:


Rather than buying good wine to lay it down, I prefer to drink it then lay down myself !!!


We toured France to celebrate our Silver Wedding… we rolled from one degustation to another… hic… and filled the boot with delicious wines. Because these were wines which needed to be kept… they were not expensive to buy direct… and we have thoroughly enjoyed them over the subsequent years…