Have you got any snow?

I’m reading various news articles about the snow which has fallen and that which is yet to come in various departments across the country…

Are any of our forum members experiencing delight or dismay…???

Two days ago we had nonstopdriving rain. Six miles away a friend had snow … admittedly rather light, but it settled. But HER friend who lives less a few roads away from friend no. 1 - less than half a km - also had driving rain and no snow. Very localised!

Caster sugar here in Trivy, but we can see more on the hills.

A good 20 cm at 1000 m here in Lozère and much more on the Aubrac and the other high plateaux. No sign of a thaw so far. But the roads are clear after a bit of chaos on the A75 due largely to HGVs getting stuck and blocking the motorway, and an awful lot of drivers who think you can safely drive across the Larzac, over the Col des Issartets (1121 m), which I am led to believe is the highest point on any motorway in France, and the Col de la Fageole (1114) in winter, when snow and ice are forecast, without winter tyres or chains. Today it was blocked by freezing rain and a series of minor accidents. And of course it’s all the fault of the DIR. Why didn’t they anticipate the problem and do something about it? Well they did. But you can’t clear snow before it has fallen. And once people who haven’t a clue how to drive in snow, and should have heeded the weather forecast and stayed at home, have blocked the motorway, just how are the snowploughs meant to get through? Same story every winter.

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Several showers of hail here in Lower Normandy/Manche but no snow to speak of. Rural journeys are very treacherous because of ice on steep hills in river valleys, and serpentine rural roads.

Had sporadic snow over the past few weeks (la Creuse profonde ), just got rain now and much milder.