Have you used fruit/veg vending machines in France?

I understand that vending machines dispensing fresh fruit and veg etc have been around (in France) for some time. Until yesterday I’d never seen one. It’s just been installed in a small village with no shops, and sits alongside a bread vending machine and pizza dispenser. This one (apologies for the poor photo) dispenses dairy products from the nearby dairy, together with fruit/veg from nearby farms.

I wonder if anyone has used this type of vending machine, and whether you do so regularly or seen others doing so? I think it’s a brave attempt to sell fresh local products in an area that has little by way of nearby shops. I have no idea whether they (the machines) are profitable for the farmers - or tend to last before being discontinued…

Any experiences?


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We nave a bread dispenser nearby that is stocked by the bakery that only opens for a few hours. I think it replaces a member of staff - so perhaps should boycott it - but we find useful! Only two types of bread.

There is also a cheese dispenser, which makes us laugh!

(This area is not known for svelte people, and seeing rotund people wanting their cheese fix at 22h is curious)

We have had one like that in a nearby village at least since we moved here in 2018. We thought it was really weird when we first saw it. We’ve never used it because we have two really good small local shops that have quality local and other produce at reasonable prices in other nearby villages. What’s a bit weird is that the village in question has two shops selling similar local produce already, so why the alternative ?.

I only know of one (fairly) locally - it 's in Peyrouche-le Roc Visite du village de Peyrusse le Roc et du site médiéval (groupes), Peyrusse-le-Roc | Tourisme Aveyron which is an interesting village that now lives off tourism and most working residents probably commute to (relatively) nearby Capdenac.

Peyrousse has a couple of cafes, a contemporary art gallery and a brocante, the resto closed during Covid, but the car parks are frequently full, but there isn’t a corner shop 7/11 or whatever, so the machine makes a lot of sense.

The present village is mainly C18th/19th and quite picturesque, but the tourists come to view the spectacular mediaeval ruins of the original village down below in the valley., which must have been far more prosperous.

There’s a poignant story in Primo Levis’ Elemental Table about an itinerant mediaeval lead prospector who can identify sites where lead will be found. however he also knows that his knowledge will shorten his life, but that knowledge must be passed on in order that his children can benefit from it.

Almost forget on account of the above, but at Flagnac, just up the Lot from us, there’s a new factory that makes coin operated aligot dispensers, presumably for, aligot addicted Aveyronais who might need that essential aligot fix at any time of day or night. Is this not a ‘First World’ problem mais seulement une probleme de la France profonde ?

We have one of these not too far from where we live - not tried it yet

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Is it them that stock it for out of hours customers? That’s what happens with the ones we know here.

I must admit I have only ever seen the bread and pizza machines, great idea for places that don’t have a local shop :sunglasses:

I’ve only seen the baguette vending machines in a couple of hamlets. However, talking of pizzas reminded me of this Twitter thread :grin:

Ah. Yes, that must be it. I have to admit I never thought beyond ‘that’s a bit weird’. Also, never really needed emergency veg before :grin:

…And if anyone needs ‘emergency’ supplies of concrete, near us we now also have a 24/7 concrete dispenser! I dare not ask if anyone has actually used one of these…

Article above contains a wonderful quote:-

“On a besoin de béton de bonne heure le matin, le midi pendant le déjeuner, ou le soir pour finir des chantiers. Dans les grandes centrales à béton, il y a des des horaires fixes, elles ferment souvent à 16 heures”.

Personally I’ve never felt the urgent need for concrete at midi during lunchtime…

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Us Scots have had those for many, many years, used mostly in the mornings in many homes that throughout Scotland, they are called porridge dispensers :yum::wink::laughing:

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I’ve never seen a fruit and veg vending machine but I was quite taken aback to see oyster vending machines in Brittany.


We’ve also got one of those. However, there is a minimum quantity so bringing a suitable lorry is essential. Also, whenever we’ve passed it thee seemed to be locked gates in front of it… :thinking:

Regarding other vending machines, although I’ve seen dairy ones advertised, all we have anywhere near us is the bread ones.

Not quite the same but one of our local supermarkets has just installed washing machines in their car park. At first I was a little surprised as we do already have a launderette, but it’s not open 24/7 so I guess there could be some need for this. Maybe they should put a pizza vending machine next to it so you can have a snack whilst waiting for your undies to finish the spin cycle.

We have had washing machines for the last 10 years at most supermarkets and pizza machines for at least 8 years in 72.
Even our local village of only 1500 people has one.

We use the one just up the road from us, just outside Marseillan Ville (34340) which dispenses vege, eggs, onions and some bottles of wine. A fenced cooperative has been set up across the road, where the chickens roam and have hen houses so they can lay their eggs in comfort. Along with vege plots, where, naturally vege are grown. Not sure how they grow the bottles of wine though :wink:

Ahh… interesting. Here in the Médoc we’re often a little bit behind the times. They’ve only just found out here that Claude François has died!

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OK I admit I had to go and look him up :wink:


I was 15 at the time so I’m obviously not as old as you :wink::yum::laughing: I remember vaguely reading about his shocking accidental death in one of the papers at the time.