Having a baby? Things I wish I'd known before!

I wish I’d known that babies are seductive and I would want another one straight away, this way I would have planned better. I would have created a third bedroom instead of a luxury office. I thought the baby would be ok with the toddler once the baby slept through (as toddler slept all night from 3m old) but now new baby is sleeping all night but toddler isn’t & would keep new baby awake (toddler has teething, colds, nightmares!), so baby is still in our room (as is toddler unfortunately most nights whilst I’m on my own).

What else? Well I would have bought a double buggy convertible straight off (instead I have a Quinny Buzz 3, a Quinny Zapp (lightweight for travelling & shopping) and now I’ve just ordered a Phil n Teds Explorer from Olivers Babycare as I’m struggling to go anywhere with a toddler & 4m old. The toddler doesn’t want to walk very far, so I end up carrying her over one arm & pushing the Quinny. We’re off to London for a while so I’ve said enough is enough, I want a double pushchair.

Other stuff? Yes I confess I mocked the bumbo chair (allows 3m old to sit up unaided), the bath hammock (for newborn), the bath chair (ditto sitting unaided in bath - under supervision of course!) and I didn’t bother with the calin bebe (cot wedges to stop them rolling over in bed). When you have one baby you can manage without, but when you have two, these things really are your extra pair of hands. The good news is I found Olivers Babycare who deliver to France (see www.UK4Me.co.uk) & they are fantastic. Their customer service is second to none. They even have an interactive live help feature so you can find out more about a product instantly & it’s a real person…yes a real parent who responds with experience.

So the moral of my story is, I would have got more use & better value (can’t you tell I’m an accountant!) out of all these things if I’d just got them day 1. So I’d better have at least another 2 children and then I’ll be able to write them off 25% per child…so what else will I discover that makes life easier with 3…4…or 5 children?

Mmm I’m thinking the BMW is the next to go…



UK Stores Delivering Overseas

I’ve got the Phil and Ted’s Dash and it saves my life. You aren’t kidding. My toddler sleeps fine during the night but she brings the plague home from school and has given everyone including the new baby a cold at least three times and my baby is three months old today. There is also a French company that I bought my Phil and Teds stroller that had a huge sale. If you go to the Phil and Teds website you’ll find the suppliers and one or two of them have a website. That is where I bought mine. It was a double your Dash. You’ll never regret that buy. YOu’ll be able to sell it for nearly what you got it.

Ha! You’ll be driving a wagon before too long…!