Having an accident in rural France…

Yesterday I sliced the top of my hand working…very deep cut. I really thought it was good night Vienna. I thought was I going to bleed to death.

Went outside blood pouring from my hand and my young neighbour called the Pompiers and looked after me. The pompiers arrived in about 30 minutes and took me to the local hospital (30 mins away). They were fantastic with. They were volunteers.

The staff at the hospital also were great and stiched me back together. Spoke English as well.

And then, another neighbor (who I don’t really no know) came and picked me up
late at night. How fantastic is that ? Then they came around this morning and made sure I was OK.

So I don’t know where to start. People are just wonderful in France. Just wonderful.

And be careful when doing work in remote areas and have a plan if things go tîts up. Make sure you know people.

What a night. Gives me hope in humannity.


I am not surprised, our neighbours are just the same.
Help Jim out if he needs some extra muscle for the garden or DIY.
Helped me too y taking Jim to hospital in Macon and bringing him back.
I assume the Pompiers came from Dompierre.
We have regular meals together.


That is interesting. They came in that direction . One pompier spoke English because he lived in the UK for a while. There was one other lady and another guy who I think was in charge.

Anyway, if they are the same give them a big thanks.

I went to Paray. Very small. A Romanian nurse who stiched me together.

Whilst you don’t what these things to happen it is nice to have a reminder how great France is. Puts perspective back in your life.


I have nothing but good things to say about the French health service. We live in an area with many wood turners, foresters and knife wielding activities, as well as ancient tractors. (The emergency service is great., but cannot replace a neighbour with a tourniquet who’s done the first aid course for chainsaw accidents. Since we are a bit further from a hospital the helicopter service is also invaluable. But many of our neighbours lack a finger or two.

If you haven’t done so already perhaps do the first aid course so you are best able to help others.


Not good with other people’s blood! I’m muting this one. :roll_eyes:


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Really pleased to hear you were looked after well by your French neighbours. We’ve found real kindness among the locals that we’ve got to know personally, and I think they would help us in a similar situation.

@anon44939055 - that’s not very kind of you for Sue - some people really can’t cope with blood, even if some of us are entirely comfy with it.


Sorry Sue…I took the photo to scare the kids.

Anyway, I just wanted to say a big thanks to France. All sides of society.

They looked after me yesterday.

Forever grateful.


You made a good job of that.
We are always taken to Macon, that bit of difference between us.

I don’t think that’s appropriate for the forum, please delete it.


We have gone woke ?


n’importe quoi

Thank you :slight_smile:

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You are lucky MCA my single set of neighbours close by have always been unfriendly. My other ex-neighbour from a bit further away witnessed one example and said definitely unfriendly. Later he said other neighbours who bought his place a bit further away have had the same unfriendliness from them. For instance the dog escaped from opposite, was roaming around in danger (cars and machines) and they’d brought it back to neighbours opposite and were treated ungraciously and not even thanked. My ex-neighbour laughs when I say they behave like Parisians.

What do you mean by woke?

Her language is a bit robust but I’m with Kathy Burke


I didn’t catch the (now deleted) carnage pic but am very glad we have swift and protective moderators.

Not a good idea to traumatise children either but I am glad you have lovely neighbours and encountered excellent French emergency services. In UK you’d still be waiting outside A&E.

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Good god, not my first time.

I had a Heart Atack living in Paris when I was a young 20 something. It was a virus’that caused the HA.

I got driven across central Paris on blue lights.

Spent a good two weeks in hospital.

This was my first emergency in rural France.
My problem with moving here full time was health care.

I actually delayed my move over because I was concerned about healthcare. I loved my specialists in the UK was very comfortable navigating the NHS, and thought my treatment was excellent. How little did I know!

Treatment that I was refused in the UK on cost grounds was provided automatically. I have regular check-ups by cardiologists, dermatologists, physiotherapists, dentists and ophthalmologists that I never had in the UK despite it being part of NHS guidance on monitoring My specialist is contactable by email. It has got less perfect over last 10 or so years, but is still remarkable. I volunteer for the UK national charity and all I get are tales of woe. Which is not bashing the UK but just factual.


Nowadays with healthcare in France significantly better than UK I certainly would not delay based on healthcare.