Hawaiian fires

This is tragic. What are we doing to our planet?


This is a disaster and tragedy indeed.

I worry about all the animals, both pets and wildlife. A most horrifying end. Even those that survive may be hurt of left without food.


Yes, it’s rarely reported when the human cost is so high.

It’s getting worse as well. More dead. More destruction. Fires still raging.

They are islands surrounded by water, it’s a shame that some of it can’t be easily scooped up to put the fires out.

Quite but salty seq water will cause another problem, almost impossible to remedy.

Maybe someone (AI !) can invent a portable unit that can suck in salt sea water, desalinate, and then propel the filtered water out. Humans will still be needed to point the hoses.

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I think Ai would figure out the cause of the fires and put us out.


It’s done here all the time….

Sadly two Greek pilots died fighting the fires last month.

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