Hazel Nut Oil

Toured artisan hazel nut oil factory (Amboise) Got carried away with the romance of it all. Bought huge bottle of the stuff. The chap said no good for cooking! Any ideas? Merci bien.

It’s my favourite oil for salad dressing - perfect on rocket. Keep it somewhere cool and out of the light.
(edited to removing misleading cooking advice)


As Brian says… delicious sprinkled (according to ones taste) on all sorts of things…
use it sparingly as it can be quite strongly flavoured, use it much as you would virgin olive oil.

Surprised the gentleman said it was “no good for cooking” but, perhaps he meant it was too expensive !!

I believe it is good for the hair and skin…

so good for both inside and out… :hugs:

Good point - before I reached my present shaggy state, I used it as a shaving oil very successfully.

And I agree that you can use hazlenut oil very successfully in the kitchen as long as you don’t get it too hot, at which point it tastes very bitter.

Brian… I believe it is walnut oil which degrades on cooking… well, that’s what I have been led to believe… :thinking:

either way… I have both in my pantry and use them “sprinkled”… here and there…

Most nut oils don’t stand up to heat. Lovely in salads, taboulé style grains etc. If it is in a clear bottle wrap it in brown paper or tinfoil, light isn’t good for it either.

I do believe you’re right… Apologies for my misinformation which I will now delete :upside_down_face:

I would give it a try for shortcrust pastry, it might be really nice. If you do let us know?

I was given some and wanted to use up the last of it before it went off so I made little hazelnut biscuits which were lovely, very like nutty shortbread.



sounds a great idea. Recipe ???

I used my bogstandard shortbread recipe but replaced the caster sugar with brown, half of the butter with hazelnut oil and a third of the flour with ground hazelnuts.
1 quantity of fine brown sugar eg 50g
2 of butter or oil and butter eg 100g
3 of flour or flour and ground nuts (keep the semolina* if you like) eg 150g

Mix the fat and the flour, then add the sugar, press into a pan, bake at 160 for about 20 to 30 minutes, keep looking. I rolled the mixture into marbles and pressed them down a bit with a fork.

*I weigh out my flour then remove a couple of tablespoons of it and replace with a couple of tablespoons of fine semolina for that slight bite.


sounds delicious… I’ll have to give it a go… :+1:


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