I love HDR.

This one's a bit OTT but it was taken earlier, very dull evening. I love some of the more subtle ones but the subject and lighting has to be just right.

What are your thoughts on "falsifying" your photos. The original middle exposure wasn't bad, but I deliberately went for this.

And another false HDR, just one photo tonemapped? I like this one.

If anyone can give me any pointers, I'd be most grateful.

Three photo HDR at Sauveterre-de-Béarn (Dec 2012).

Is that yours?

Which file Ron? The breakfast?


NOT HDR but certainly WOW

@ Stu

Crumpets Stu, how big is that file? it's filled a wall here.

still won't need to wallpaper again I 'spose.

sorry not Hi Jacking yer thread here but, StuART

I can't wait to get the Telecaster, and plug it into the mixer.


what the guitar or the pic?

( bunging in a lol here, don't do the smiley )

Ronnie Superstar Birks

Can't reply to your reply below for some reason. Of course you can post it Ron.

Now send the telecaster :D![](upload://uRPLUjVdEKugL3a4cDFk3FTM0tB.jpg)

Stu, Take a photo of a breakfast..I dunno, a chucky egg with dripping yoke. ( I can picture it now ) black background, available light only.

It will become world famous.


you talkin' to me Punk?

WHAT!! Give it to some young guy who cna get the most out of it :D

that's shame Mike, mine seem to be popping up like pop tarts

do you have any pics of breakfasts BTW?

toooo many hobbies right now. Haven't played with my lights, yet, and today I am expecting a Telecaster from an SFNer.


I seem to remember doing similar things when I studied silk screen printing, analogue.

Hey Mike.

I will chase that up, you have created some great images there.

I am not worthy