Headlice treatment without chemicals

Horrible when one finds these little things… but it can be dealt with and the sooner the better.

Electronic nit comb from Boots or similar - under 20 quid and kills the little buggers in one fell swoop.
Can’t believe that years later they are still not widely available in France!!

The lice or the kids?


Hair conditioner.

I used conditioner with tea tree mixed in when I had them. Aged 37 the one and only time

I looked all over for a nit (fine-toothed) comb in pharmacies, supermarkets, hairdressers, beauticians’ salons in my locality in La Manche with zero success.

Eventually a pharmacist suggested I try the vet.

I once gave evidence in Court as an ‘expert witness’ (in operating theatre practice).

It was in Manchester, away from home, and I got infested in an overnight boarding house.

So I gave sworn evidence with teams of pediculus capitis* running round my collar. But my client won her case for damages.

*Head louse.

@John_Scully Wow! Timely warning John!:scream::fire::face_with_head_bandage:

Indeed Peter. It’s importent not to douse the kids with alcohol before attacking the lice with an electric combe.