Bringing my one year old RHD Seat Leon to France for six weeks next month. Scrolling through the manual it says it does not need deflectors as the headlights are asymetric, and will adjust somewhat to whichever side of the road I am on. Their phrase is ‘tourist lights’ are legal for shorter periods of stay. Would be interested to know of anyones experience of this advancement of technology and also the prospect of being challenged by the gendarmerie for not having headlight stickers.

The manual might mean that the lights are able to be adjusted…
certainly worth investigating…

Do they clarify what they mean by “tourist lights”… ??

Well Stella it says as they are LED and asymetrical so no manual adjustment is required. Re tourist lights, it doesnt put a time scale on it just says shorter trips.

Thought a petrolhead on here could give me some assurance or not as the case may be.

Not sure which lights they are calling “tourist lights” as it’s obviously not the LED asymetrical ones… but as you’re not intending to keep the car in France you shouldn’t have any problems even if you are stopped and controlled.

If you’ve got proof of intent to take car back to UK… that might be useful.

EDIT: Must add that driving a UK registered car in France can be a mixed-blessing.
Traffic police might well want to check all the documents (yours and the car’s…)
or they might decide it’s not worth the bother.
Just be sure that all your documents/bits and bobs… are in good order… just in case.


is this reference any use?

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Not really relevant as it just addressed the height of the beam rather than if the dip beam does the usual UK lighting the left hedgrow that flat beams do not do.

Spoke to Seat themselves who have referred me to my local dealer for more info. Will contact them tomorrow.

Most LED lights now seem to be flat - meaning no adjustment or ‘beam benders’ necessary. My Volvo XC40 and My Alpine A110 both have LED lights and have no adjustment for LHD / RHD. The Volvo is RHD and the Alpine is LHD.

Ooooooh exciting car!

I only got it a few months ago and yes it’s a superb car. I get so many thumbs up and acknowledgement from other drivers here In France. I’ve had a F355 Ferrari and Aston Martin DB9 along with other interesting cars but the Alpine is the most fun to drive :grin: along with equally a MK1 MR2 :astonished: (that I had 35 years ago)

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I believe my Skoda headlights adjust when the satnav tells them we’re abroad.

I read about that on a different model have you tried it?

does it know which country you call home ???

Does it need to?

Yes. It works. If I go into the settings to do it manually I can see it’s changed.

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Well I struggle to call the UK home now. It knows when it should be lhs or rhs.

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ha ha… the car needs to know when it is “abroad”… :wink: :rofl:

Spoke to the Seat dealer, and if I go into the on-board computer then change vehicle settings from miles to kilometres, the lights adapt automatically.


that’s worth knowing… :slight_smile: