Health Care Again

Hi everyone,

I know that Health care has been discussed a number of times on this forum but having looked back I cannot find anything that fits our circumstances so we are looking for some advice please.

My wife Cara (forum member) and our three boys (age 9 and under) have now been living in France full time since July 2014. I am still working in the UK working a 6 day week, effectively bank a day a week and then return home to France for a week every sixth week until I retire in 990 days (not that I am counting). We have received the relevant forms from the UK and Cara has been into the CPAM office in France and they have approved the health cover for her and the boys.

Our question is, what does that cover include please as we cannot seem to get that answer?

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You're welcome John, let us know how things go and perhaps you could add any phone numbers/info to help others. Every little helps as they say :)

Dear Em and Brian, your help is much appreciated. We will explore it further based on your knowledge. Many thanks,



Perhaps a silly question, but did you see 'useful links' at the top of the page, between Amazon and Services? There is Health several down the list. Here is the direct link:

Em has given you more or less the answer you need but there is always more and also those useful links and any comments or advice that go up on them are part of work permanently in progress.

We are lucky, because one of one daughter's friends is an insurance agent. We already had insurance through him before the girls knew each other, but parents of school friends tend to get to know each other and become part of the same social group, which in this case was our good fortune. He knows not only the workings of complementary and private health as well as all other insurance cover but also how the state systems function. Being a parent with that background he can unwrap a great deal more. Now, it might take a bit of looking, but given that this agent exists logic says that there must be plenty more like him. Finding them is another matter. We hit luck almost too easily. However, it does suggest that getting to know your insurance agent and finding out what he/she knows might help a bit/lot depending on your luck. Try that since there is nothing to lose.

We have never had any problems whatsoever but at the same time have learned that no two offices or sections of the health system (and other areas) seem to be interconnected, share transferable knowledge or whatsoever. Sometimes it is hard work. That is one of the things the useful links pages are for and why I am suggesting finding somebody from outside the state system who knows. Best of luck with it whatever happens.

Oops here's the links with some more info

Hi John.... Sécurité Sociale, la Sécu or l'Assurance Maladie - I went out with my parents, Dad's French and he worked in France. His co sorted it all out. Most good French co's do this for their employees esp expats. Myself and mom were under my Dad's CPAM as my mom didn't work (dependants), but we all had our own cards. You are usually covered 70% CPAM and 30% Mutuelle (private cover). Matmut (French co and well known) did our house, cars and 30% health cover. Your 30% isn't compulsory, but only alternative would be you settle the rest cash I suppose.

When you say 'her and the boys', does that mean you will remain on Ehic? Until you receive your Carte Vitale (green health card (credit card size) with your pic on, you'll have to pay the pharmacy prescriptions up front 100%. They'll give you a form and the stickers on the drug boxes are put on the form for you to be reimbursed. Have you reg'd with a doc yet? It's important you do it asap if not already. My parents would know more of course. I found this out for you, hope it helps a little/gets you started. Bonne chance