Health care

I had a 'phone call from a health insurance company yesterday. They quoted me 259.90 euros per month for my top up health insurance in France. That almost stopped my breath ! Has anyone found a provider who is not so expensive ? I did say to the chap I am in good health.

Regards Dewi

Hi Dewi

That does seem expensive! You need to speak to my friendly insurance broker who has saved me a fortune. He is lovely and speaks perfect English and will get you the best possible deal at the best possible price. You can read the post I wrote about him and find all the contact details here - can't recommend him highly enough!

Does sound a lot but depends what cover you want, your age etc. I'm in the middle of changing yet again (due to changes in the loi madelin cahier de charges) but to give you an idea, I've had quotes from 140€ to 202€ a month and that's for a family of 4 with average to pretty comprehensive cover ;-)

Hi, I am 69 and my health care top up is with Ociane who cater for over 50's. It costs me euros 43 per month...that is for the lower level (bronze) depends on what you want but even the Gold cover for me is around the E80 mark.

As OAP’s moving to France we will be applying for an S1, am I correct in saying the French medical system pays for 70% of medical costs. As we are Diabetic and dependant on daily medication is this covered 100% or can we get medical cover for this.

ALDs (Affection Longue Durée – Long-Term illnesses) are covered 100% by the Secu and I imagine diabetes would qualify if you’re on daily medication, particularly for type one. It will be up to your GP, when you have one, to decide and, if he thinks it’s justified, to apply for 100% cover. In general the secu pays 70% but it can be as low as 15%. See here

@Michael_Colson even though you would be covered 100% for an ALD (in most but not all cases) - it’s still worth considering a top-up Mutuelle insurance for anything not related to your ALD.